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About us

We’ve been developing mobile apps since 2009 and have experience in fintech, media, transport and marketplaces, blockchain and booking systems.

Facts about us

Our partners

Projects we are proud of

Tele2 Payment

The mobile banking for Tele2 subscribers train tickets

Ticket purchase in 4 minutes

Golden App

Sberbank Virtual School

The mobile application facilitates the development of Sberbank employees managerial skills

Golden App, Tagline


Just a loyalty program for users of a goodsline (a distributor of goods)

Other our projects

Achievements and awards

Runet rating

#5место в номинации2018: UX/UI designers of mobile apps

Ruward rating

#5место в номинации2019: List of Top mobile apps developers

Runet rating

#8место в номинации2018: List of Top mobile apps developers

Tagline rating

#6место в номинации2019: List of Top mobile apps developers

Ruward rating

#1место в номинации2018: The development using blockchain and smart contracts

What’s our difference

  • Being based on research

    Our Analyst, CTO and Art Director conduct market and product research. We choose the best solutions and offer our own, agree with the client, and then release. After the release, we do not abandon the client, but help to develop the product.

  • Create high-quality code

    High-quality code can be painlessly maintained for a long time. Our developers have created a framework so the client can save the money for 5-7 years on code support, implementation of new features, as well as adaptation to some new technologies: iOS versions, languages, new form factors.

  • Test all the scenarios

    Our employees are fans of their jobs who will not be able to sleep if one pixel in the corner of one screen in an app is missing. We kill all bugs and test all scenarios. Our QA Department will answer any question like: «What will happen if...». In order to do it, they write special guides and checklists.

  • Work with complex tasks

    We are able to do technically difficult projects: services that interact with sensors and devices, use Machine Learning and Blockchain. If you need a swarm of drones to recognize their owner and fly for a beer, we’ll do it. But if we have no expertise in some topics, we will be honest and will recommend our colleagues.

  • We keep in touch

    We keep the client informed of the process: coordinate documentation and layouts, give information about all tasks and give access to the bugtracker. We do not have a kind of situation when the Manager goes on vacation, and the customer does not understand what is going on.

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