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Intro helps people to reboot themselves. And we helped the company to be rebooted too, restarted the Android application, and finalized the iOS version


Intro has been creating some tools for the travel industry since 2010

The service covers 179 countries, more than 81,000 hotels, and your friends. The search engine finds more than 112 million tours daily. 1.5 million tourists turn to the service monthly — all of them are looking for, viewing, and choosing tours for their next vacation.



It was necessary to develop a new version and make sure that users did not notice any changes, but their life could be better

The audience does not change its habits. Users have been choosing this service for years; it has already become part of their vacation ritual. Therefore, it was impossible to change the application radically, we could update and refresh it.



Application reboot helps people to reboot themselves. And we helped the company to be rebooted too, restarted the Android application, and finalized the iOS version.


UI design

Gentle redesign

The service has a quite conservative audience and we tried to take this into account during the redesign. We have refreshed the visual without any great upheavals for users.

Find a tour

Enter the city of departure, date, and pax. The system analyzes and shows the best offers in real-time mode. It takes into account the cost, hotel, or proximity to the sea.

Choose accommodation

Look at the map to select a hotel. The system clearly shows how close it is located to the sea.

Choose a tour and a hotel

Buy a tour

The service demonstrates different forms of entering personal data according to the document: a passport, an international passport, or a birth certificate.


Development is a tour aggregator with a payment system, different purchase scripts, and a large number of screens

Search system with complex logic

Its backend collects tours from all operators. updates quite frequently and collects new data in its backend. Offers are changed every second. We’ve worked out all the details to make it good-looking.

Information screen

Maximum viable product

The project was expected to be vast — two platforms and great functionality. The app is complicated because of numerous operators, complex data output in real-time, and a significant amount of data that needs to be processed properly. There is a lot of business logic too. So, the first version of the application has become a full-fledged service, which does not look like the MVP.

We only had 4 months for development

In the first month, we built the framework of the future app so that we could run the script completely. As a result, we saw things that must be fixed and completed. Then we started to build the rest of the functionality based on the prototype.


«In the work on the new version of the mobile travel application, MobileUp has proved to be a professional team that can always adjust our agile processes during the application design phase quickly. Special thanks go to the development team that our internal team worked with closely. We solved the business tasks assigned to us quickly and efficiently.»

Vitaliy Selkin

Development Team Leader of

Intermediate result

We met the deadline and developed an application in four months. Our team had released the first version and gone into quarantine. Therefore it’s soon to talk about some results. The case will be supplemented with metrics and results as soon as we resume application development.



Project team

  • Account manager

    Alexandr Maslov

  • Project managers

    Eugene Denisov, Oleg Shirokov

  • Art director

    Philip Filchenko

  • UI design

    Yulia Lazovskaya

  • iOS-development

    Pavel Petrovich, Nikolay Timonin, Maxim Aliev

  • Android-development

    Vitaliy Zharikov, Semion Varivoda, Artur Artikov, Yuriy Kuchanov, Vova Mochalov, Dmitriy Gorbunov

  • Testing

    Iliya Zelenskiy, Irina Moiseenko

  • CTO

    Eugene Valeev


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