Web services development

Web services development

We develop web services and everything that is commonly understood by this definition: backend, websites, in-house systems, and portals, admin panels.

We have assumed Frontend and Backend as well.



MobileUp’s tasks to solve

  • Code audit

    We analyze the code, identify problems, and provide a general code assessment and recommendations for improvement.

    The goal is to assess the quality of the code and understand the level of project support complexity.

  • Code refactoring

    We conduct a code audit to make a refactoring plan based on its results. The refactoring requires close interaction of the development, testing, analytics, and design teams jointly.

    The goal is to improve the code quality, reduce the project’s technical debt, enhance developer loyalty, make the project’s further support easier and reduce the time for adding new functions.

  • Web services from scratch

    We create a new product or rewrite an already existing one from scratch.

    The goal is to create a high-quality product that will be easy to maintain in the future.

  • Project support

    We take finished products to maintain and improve.

    The goal is to implement new functionality and support a previous one.


Digital products

What we do

  • CRM systems and ERP services

    We develop systems for business management and automate internal processes

  • Web services

    We create complex sites that can take the severe load

  • Server-side application/backend

    We provide app backend development

All developers are located in one office in St. Petersburg



Tech stack

  • Infrastructure

    CI/CD, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Backend

    NodeJS, NestJS, Postgres

  • Frontend

    ReactJS, NextJS

If for some reason we can’t take your site, the team carefully refers it to the head of our affiliate program. We have more than 100 diverse companies, including IoT, AR, and VR under the wing. We find the perfect partner with relevant experience who could really help.





    • MobileUp thought through every solution, gave valuable recommendations and essentially became our technological partner.

      Vasily Klimko Cerri
    • Our employees and users like the project. That’s the thing.

      Andrey Safronov Velogorod
    • These guys have repeatedly demonstrated flexibility and excellent communication skills

      Yevgeny LubaevTutu.ru



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