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120 screens and 80 user scenarios. How to develop the most user-friendly application for buying train tickets taking into account the complex navigation and a huge amount of information? Our team has managed this task successfully.



Two‑part task is a travel service, which is number one in Russia (according to GfK Rus)*. The customer highly appreciated our approach to work and we won the tender Cooperation process consisted of the stage before the redesign and the final one. Firstly, we designed the interface, then we made the UI design of the app and developed an Android application. After the redesign, we redesigned the application and adapted the new design for Android.



New product launch

There are complicated business logic and numerous nuances behind the ticket selection process. It was important to take into account product features to make the purchase of train tickets easy and enjoyable. The code also should be easily maintained for a client.



Product approach in application development

We worked closely with the product team to find out all the details and possible scenarios. The team projected, showed, and modified screens taking into account the customer’s product expertise. As a result, they presented a high-volume product in simple «packaging» for the customer and the user.


«Thousands of users buy train tickets in this application daily. The MobileUp team designed the app, developed the first two versions, and made its redesign. The team demonstrated efficiency, flexibility, and skills.»

Eugene Lubaev

Product Owner,

Selected pax information

Step‑by‑step work

During the design phase all the functionality was divided into blocks corresponding to the buying process: route choice, search output, carriage, and seat selection, passenger data entry, payment process, and auxiliary screen. We have continuously worked on each block in order to simplify work on such a large-scale product.

Analysis of each state

An option with one type of carriage, an option with five types of the train carriage, and an option with «passing trains». Each state was organized and saved in the prototype. We analyzed most of the user scenarios during the projection stage of the basic screens and offered a well-thought-out interface concept.

Screen with train and carriage selection

Simplified navigation

It is hard to maintain an app when it consists of 120 interrelated screens. To add a new screen, you have to edit all the previous ones and write a lot of code. It is easy to get confused.

Our Android developer Konstantin Tshovrebov came up with a solution that allowed us to separate all the logic from the interface. Now you just need to turn to the logic instead of rewriting its parts to add a new screen. The ready-made solution is framed in the library. We wrote about it on Habr.

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Cicerone is simple navigation in the app


«When the developers saw the project scope, they thought that the transfer would take at least two weeks. But on the third day, they said that everything was well and understandable. They asked nothing more. For us, it means that we have done a good job, and the project is easy to understand and maintain.»

Vladimir Mochalov

Android developer, MobileUp

Buy a train ticket in 4 minutes.

A ticket purchase shouldn’t waste your time when you need urgently to go on a business trip or visit relatives. In the app, the whole process takes about 4 minutes. Users have checked it.


«Our Android developers said that the source code they received from MobileUp was the best one among all that we also received from the outsourcing teams we work with. This is a high-level development.»

Eugene Lubaev

Product Owner,



High‑quality product launch

We made the purchase process pleasant and fast — the user only needs 4 minutes to become the happy owner of a ticket. At the same time, we launched the trendy Cicerone library, which got the respect of the professional community.



Project team

  • Project manager

    Sergey Denisyuk, Oleg ShirokovSergey Denisyuk, Oleg Shirokov

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • Design

    Ilyas Gayfullin, Anton Fomin

  • Android‑development

    Konstantin Tshovrebov, Vladimir Mochalov


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