Ride-sharing, that saves money of consulting firms


We have accelerated backend development by 2 months with Firebase.


Let’s say John and Alex work in the same large consulting company, but are not familiar. They fly from New York to Chicago and go from the airport to the center at the same time. Cårporate helps them to find each other, share the ride, save the company money, reduce exhaust emissions and establish business relations.

Project task

Tens of thousands people work in American audit and consulting companies. Employees spend a lot of working time at meetings with clients in other cities, and the company pays for their taxi rides. These employees often use the same routes with colleagues at the same time but don’t know about it. As a result, companies spend extra money to pay for a taxi, atmosphere suffers from greenhouse gases and the number of traffic jams is increasing.


Our customer has been in consulting sphere for many years. He has analyzed the cost of a taxi, and realized that an average consulting company can save from 5 to 10 million dollars a year with the help of corporate ride sharing. We helped him to realize the idea, designed and implemented the «turn-key» service, from backend to mobile applications for iOS and Android.


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  • Prototypes
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Fragment of the main sections interaction

    Цитата основателя

    Sergey Denisyuk
    «Consulting companies will save a lot of money on trips. This is an average of 2 million per 10,000 employees annually. Besides, care for the environment is a hot topic. We liked the idea of the service».
    Sergey Denisyuk

    CEO, MobileUp

    Motivation of using

    There is an element of gamification in the application. The employee rating system gives points for saved miles, and companies will be able to convert them into different corporate benefits.

    Security of travelers

    To log in the app a user should enter
    a corporate email. Rides information is only available to employees within the company and is not available to other people.

    Taxi selection

    The application does not limit users in choosing a taxi. In Cårporate you can chose Uber or Lyft and order the taxi you are used to. The task of Cårporate is to connect fellow travelers, and then they agree on their own.

    Fast to use

    Points of departure and destination are pointed out by the user. If there is a companion in the radius in start and end points, the service will help to unite these people. If the user does not find ready trips, he can create his own with one tap. Others can see it and join it.

    Simplified backend of application

    The first version of the application is MVP. It had to be done in a short time with a minimum budget amounting. Therefore, we used a ready-made tool Firebase for the server side. It helped to save money on the server and develop a backend 2 months faster. Our team has developed a special algorithm for positioning. To get around Firebase’s search limitations, our team has developed a special algorithm for positioning.

    Oleg Shirokov
    «In the future we will change the server side. Firebase is a temporary solution. But we have got experience integrating with the service and customized it. Now we can confidently recommend it for small projects without complicated backend».
    Oleg Shirokov

    Project Manager, MobileUp


    The field of ride sharing is actively developing around the world. In Canada people use Kangaride and Ridesharing, Tripda is used in Latin America countries. BlaBlaCar is popular in Russia, for example.

    Cårporate is a unique project. Nowadays this is the only one carpooling b2b service that brings people of the company together.

    Roman Sokolov
    «The service is in the beta testing phase. We are gradually introducing it. The development results make me happy. We are pretty good together with the team. We had a perfectly fine-tuned communication that’s why we had got what we wanted to get».
    Roman Sokolov

    CEO, Cårporate

    Project team

    • Project manager

      Oleg Shirokov

    • Art Director

      Philip Filchenko

    • Design

      Ilyas Gayfullin

      Daria Gvozdeva

      Timur Repin

    • CTO

      Eugene Valeev

    • iOS-development

      Ilya Biltuev

      Alexey Nemichenkov

    • Android- development

      Konstantin Kulikov

      Denis Tkachenko

    • Testing

      Daria Kurkina

      Alexandra Kochetkova

    • BA (business analysis)

      Mikhail Chesnokov



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