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So, you have an idea to set up a coffee shop right here on Vladmirskaya Square, and it looks interesting. Open the SME Business Navigator application, find how much the rental costs, all competitors located nearby and when the company would pay off. You send a business plan to a partner, get a loan in a week, and open a coffee shop in two months without leaving your application. Exactly, it is so simple!

Mobile screen


SME Business Navigator is a free tool, that offers comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs from finding a space to rent and franchise catalogs to business plan calculations

In March 2017, we won a tender for this service development in partnership with Everpoint company. The Everpoint team undertook the analysis of geodata and the development of a web application; our team was engaged in mobile development.



Creating a useful tool for entrepreneurs

We had a large-scale web service at our disposal. We needed to use all its functionality and create a simple mobile business tool.



Two audiences mean two different services

To simplify the work with the service, our team has developed two applications — for first-time entrepreneurs and experienced ones. In this case, we’ll talk about an application that helps people set up their businesses.

  • Иконка инструмента

    SME Business Navigator app

    An application to calculate a business plan

  • Иконка инструмента

    SME Business Navigator. Supportive measures

    Application to help entrepreneurs develop their business

Selection of prospective area

If you want to choose the right place to set up a cafe, a shop, or a beauty salon, the application will show the most profitable areas in terms of unrealized demand and supply ratio. Tap on a zone on the map or select an area in the list and see what business areas are in demand in this part of the city. The calculation is available in the application for 172 cities of 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation at the moment of writing the case.

Mobile screen

Useful materials for businessmen

Selection of appropriate business

Let’s say that you have 500 thousand rubles, and you do not know what to invest them in. Enter the amount and select a business from the list. You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s possible to set up your own business when you have only 100-200 thousand rubles. The cost of a mobile devices repair shop will be 166 thousand rubles, for example. SME Business Navigator offers its users 90 types of business in the city. We assigned to each sphere a special icon and color to make navigation in the list easier for users.


«When I calculated a business plan there for the first time I flipped out over the pretty look of the document that this app generates. By the way, it is also free of charge. We took the best elements of the web version and packaged them into a mobile tool that businessmen can use on the way to work!»

Philip Filchenko

Art Director, MobileUp

User-friendly map

On the map, you can see competitors, commercial and state real estate. Look at deciphering the designations and hide unnecessary things using filters to avoid unnecessary complications with icons. You can get brief information about an object by clicking on each of them. Put the pin in the place where you want to set up a company and click on «Calculate a business plan».

Ready-made business plan in your pocket

The application calculates and shows an approximate business plan for 5 years per second. You can obtain information on investment volumes, payback period, assortment, and profitability there. To make the information easy to read on the smartphone’s small screen, we put it in infographics. Save the business plan in your account or send a detailed PDF document to your partner by clicking on the «Share» button. This document even can help to get a loan from a partner bank of the Corporation.

If the project payback period is longer than five years, the application warns its user about it and such a business plan could not be calculated.

Mobile screen

Ready-made business plan

Smart filters

Would you like to see all the competitors or available space for rent? Use the filter and find things you need on the map. If you are sure that you want a restaurant, not a dining room, you can change the format and the niche market in the filters: economy, mass, or premium market.


«People don’t know how to set up a business. There are many details to consider: personnel, equipment, Sanitary & Epidemiological Services. Business Navigator helps to figure it out. You can do it anytime and anywhere via the application. The user saw the great place, set up a business and everything became clear. The project is in-demand, people use it, and I’m glad that we create something useful».

Eugene Denisov

Project manager, MobileUp

Personalized Favorites

You have found several places for a coffee shop, added them to your Favorites by tapping on the star, and gone to look at them in reality. Take photos and attach them to your favorite places, so as not to forget how these properties look inside and outside, and what is located in the neighborhood. Take some notes not to keep important things in mind. When you get home, compare all the viewed objects and choose a property based on individual preferences.



More than 48,000 entrepreneurs across the country use the «SME Business Navigator» app

Entrepreneurs use the application to find a place to rent, learn more about competitors and calculate business plans to start a business. The mobile application complements the geo-marketing analytics system developed by Everpoint.

In addition to the «SME Business Navigator», we have developed the «SME Business navigator. Supportive measures» (iOS and Android). This app is for those who are already engaged in entrepreneurship and look for business development tools. Find more about this project and its prospects in this case.



Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • Design

    Ilyas Gayfullin

  • CTO

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS-development

    Alexey Nemichenkov, Dmitriy Rozov

  • Android- development

    Vasiliy Chirvon, Denis Tkachenko, Konstantin Tshovrebov, Roman Prohorov

  • Testing

    Alexandra Kochetkova, Daria Kurkina

  • Documentation

    Denis Tkachenk, Polina Demidova


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