Communication automation for Sever Minerals Corporation employees

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Mobile application, admin panel, and backend of the service development

Main screen of the app for Sever Minerals employees



Sever Minerals is a vendor of technological solutions, equipment, and materials for the enrichment and processing of minerals.

This time it happened that Sever Minerals asked for a technological solution to improve internal communication. So, we helped them there.


A rather fragmented IT infrastructure became a data source for the project. It was important to have a clear understanding of where certain data displayed in the application interface comes from to coordinate the prototypes.

Tim Mostivenko

The diamond of first water from the Analytics team



Previously, we used to solve this task via a bot in MS Teams, the app has been developed to replace this bot

Company management wanted to increase the level of employee involvement in corporate life.

Especially those who work at a factory and have no access to a corporate portal are wanted to be involved.

Company management also desired to speed up the new employees’ adaptation and create an internal wiki — vacation, manuals, and news.

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We have designed and developed a mobile app, admin panel, and backend of the future service to achieve these goals. Here we tell you how it happened.

Elements of a system



We were responsible for the logic of interaction between different elements of the system, which should be reflected in the diagrams

We did this to show the customer which processes would be automated if he used the new service.

We decided to use BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) — a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model. Several stages could be defined in terms of the working process:

  • Сompiling a list of processes for modeling

  • Сoordination of the modeling format with the customer. Creating diagrams based on the agreed format

  • Getting feedback on the final diagrams. Here we could use easy export of Lucidchart to pdf

  • Editing and approval of the final version of the diagrams

Here we dry our BPMN diagrams as linen on a clothesline

Diagrams have become an artifact that helped to dive into the project quickly and significantly reduced the administrative panel development time.

The interaction process has become transparent for all participants. Optimizing the process of writing test cases for all sections of the application and the admin panel was possible.

Read more about how business process modeling helped us to submit the mobile app prototype for approval.

Services block – in action


UX/UI design

The service could be used only by an employee or an admin.

We have identified there several functional units that should be available to the employee:

  • Services

  • Tasks

  • Polls

  • ID card

  • Contacts

  • Notifications

  • News

HR managers, Marketing specialists, Accountants, and Department heads act as administrators there.

MobileUp has implemented an administrative panel for them to provide relevant content quickly. It’s possible to find the following things inside the admin panel:

  • a constructor of first-day reminder

  • a block to create an adaptation plan for an employee

  • a system for managing and viewing tasks

  • a bar to moderate news

  • a unit to create polls

The first‑day reminder for administrators and employees



We developed a mobile application, a server part, and an administrative panel that helps to rule them all.

High and mighty Compositional Layout

Complicated layout

The main screen has been developed using a very progressive method — Compositional Layout. UX has been turned into a twisted adventure. Every section could be scrolled in different directions: up-down, left-right.


This is a great piece of luck for a developer to create a project from scratch, without reference to legacy code and outdated versions of the platform. We created almost all complex features using native libraries and our know-how.

That’s why the profile photo is so smoothly animated, the application help form dynamically adjusts to the user, but most importantly, the user sees a chic main screen at the start.

Denis Sushkov

The true ruby among iOS developers

Quick Lync with colleagues

You can call any employee of the company from the application directly. We made it possible by integrating with 1C

  • E-mail click

    open e-mail app

  • Teams click

    open chat in MS Teams

  • Phone number click

    start phone call



Five testing types

  • Functional testing

    It is used for a conscious and in-depth insight into whether the product works as originally intended to work. And at the same time, almost 1000 test cases covering the entire application have been written.

  • Exploratory testing

    It is used to search for non-obvious gaps in the product and tech debt arising from these gaps.

  • Regression testing

    It is used to be sure that new product sections did not break any pre-made ones.

  • UI testing

    It is used to check if the interface matches what it was originally intended to be, and the usability of all this.

  • Smoke testing

    It is used for being sure that the product works stably after all the manipulations


This project was interesting that there was a fixed deadline for a planned release — the customer wanted to present a new product to employees at a corporate party and congratulate them on the New Year through the app. My team accepted the challenge and succeeded there.

Ildar Ayupov

Our precious from the Project managers team



  • 1C system

    A database with user data

  • Moodle

    A learning management system

  • SharePoint

    A document management and collaboration platform

  • Master Data Management

    A database with the following data: employees, services, and products



We are going to implement the integration with other internal systems of Sever Minerals to create the Great and Terrible SuperApp

Today, every employee of Sever Minerals has access to all necessary information

Now there is access to recent corporate news. Employees can view pay slips, search for colleagues’ contact details, take surveys, share feedback, and update personal data. In the future, the application will become an integral part of corporate life — services for filing vacation requests, roaming requests, and ordering certificates will be created.

An adaptation plan will be available for new hires to help them side with the company and navigate internal processes quickly. A third of the company’s employees downloaded the application in the first month. We expect that the number of users will only grow.

Polls to know all about everything



Project team

  • Analyst

    Tim Mostivenko

  • UX/UI designers

    Sasha Yudin, Vanya Andreev, Sveta Beldenkova, Emilia Bikmetova

  • Project manager

    Nadya Abasheva, Ildar Ayupov

  • QA engineers

    Ira Moiseenko, Dasha Kurkina, Ilya Zelensky, Ksenia Vilezhagina

  • IOS-developers

    Pasha Petrovich, Denis Sushkov, Andrey Komarov, Anton Lisitsyn, Nikolay Chausov

  • Android-developers

    Arthur Artikov, Angelina Podbolotova, Egor Belov, Denis Fadeev, Pasha Aleksanrov

  • Backend-developer

    Pasha Fomin

  • CTO

    Evgenii Valeev




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