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  • Tagline Awards 2016

    2nd place in the category «Best Service Application»


Warning: do not read on an empty stomach!
Owners of Italy Group with partners have opened a food delivery service with designer packaging, stylish couriers on «Smarts», good quality rolls made of fresh fish and delicious pizza, which is always filled with a lot of toppings. The creators of Yami Yami relied on aesthetics and quality. We followed the same principles when creating the application.

How did it all start?

In April 2016, the owners of Yami Yami came to us and asked us to make the best delivery application with a lot of functions and to complete the project in time by September 1. We could not abandon existing customers and honestly said that we could finish only in mid-September. For Yami Yami, the difference of 2 weeks was critical, and they found another contractor.

All summer long, the owners of the service told us about the development process, shared the problems, asked for advice. We talked, consulted and brainstormed together on what can be improved.

As a result, the developers released the application not in September, but in December, and there were many shortcomings in it. In the iOS version it wasn’t possible to make an order, and it was hard to even enter in Android.
Then the client turned to us again, but the task was different.

Yami-Yami app

Project goal

We understood that when the application does not work, the client loses money. Users have negative associations with the brand. They cannot place the order and go to competitors. It was necessary to urgently save the situation and make a new application. We had three months and a limited budget.

Yami-Yami Android app
Victor Chernogorov
«When the guys from Yami Yami came to us, we fell in love with their sushi and pizza. We began to order the food for every holiday in the office. And despite the fact that they went to other developers, we really liked this project. I wanted to help, so I advised the art director, developers, technical director, offered solutions. All the summer long we talked with them and helped. And then they returned to us».
Victor Chernogorov

Director of Development, MobileUp

Timofey Sergeev
«We chose MobileUp, because they have a strong portfolio and a lot of experience with geo-positioning in mobile applications».
Timofey Sergeev

Marketing Director, Yami Yami

Wrapper app as a solution to 
the problem

For three months the old application was in the app stores, but a few could order through it. Even the director of Yami Yami couldn’t do it. To quickly solve this problem, we made a wrapper application in 1 week.

«Wrapper» is a mobile version of the site, in which several native elements are added to be published on the App Store or Google Play. They are used when you need to quickly and cheaply release the application.
The «wrappers» have a non-native interface, and they work slowly. Users complained, but could order. It was a necessity. In the normal situation, we do not recommend that anyone resort to such a decision.

Wrapper app screen
Eugene Valeev
«Apple clearly spelled out in the guidelines that you can not use „wrappers “ of sites as applications. Usually they are not allowed to pass, but there are tricks. Most sites are not intended to be displayed in the web. Therefore, animation glitches and there are problems with UI. Developers cursed, testers cried, but we made a „wrap,“ because this was the best way out of the situation».
Eugene Valeev

CTO, MobileUp

Budget, deadlines, transparency

After «extinguishing the fire» with the help of a «wrapper» we started developing a new application.

The customer has already spent a lot of money and time on development in another studio. Therefore, we could not implement all the functionality at once. It was necessary to make a quality MVP as soon as possible. To avoid major modifications, we involved the client in the process to the maximum. Approved all the documentation and layouts, included in all tasks and gave access to the bugtracker. We immediately showed each new realized function. Such transparency at all stages has helped us save time on approval process and meet deadlines with an error of only two days.

new Yami-Yami app screen
Oleg Shirokov
«We wanted to make what we would like ourselves. What people will be able to use. It is important that the customer is satisfied and we are within budget. It was not easy to combine all of it here. But we can say that we have succeeded».
Oleg Shirokov

Project Manager, MobileUp

Automation Challenges

For managing logistics, production and sales, Yami Yami uses a ready-made automation system for delivery services Tillypad. The complex API of this system has become a problem for previous application developers.
Tillypad was created in 1997, and its architecture is not optimized for modern applications. This limited us in development and required additional resources. To speed up the work, we took on a role of consultants: analyzed the API, prepared the technical task, agreed on improvements with Tillypad and monitored server development.

Yami-Yami app

can’t leave
as it is

Yami Yami already had a design ready. And it was pretty (even our connoisseur art director liked it), but not user friendly. To enter the application, you had to fill out a registration form with six fields. Also, the menu had long drop-down lists. This is suitable for web content, but not for mobile applications. To simplify the logic of interaction and reduce the cost of development, we completely redesigned UX. The main drawback of the old design was that it didn’t give you a desire to immediately order food. Photos of dishes were hidden in categories. We made a focus on dishes to encourage users to order.

Screen with food photo

Focus on dishes

Food is why users come to Yami Yami. It should be appetizing, attracting attention, it should be wanted. Therefore, we focused on large cards with photos of dishes. And thanks to the gorgeous photos of Yami Yami, now only a person with a full stomach does not drool when they see the menu.

Alexandra Kochetkova
«You have no idea how hard it is to test this application in the evenings if you are trying to keep your figure in good shape. All these rolls and pizzas are so mouth-watering».
Alexandra Kochetkova

Head of Testing Department, MobileUp

order status

"Where’s my food? Why is it taking so long? "— Yami Yami users do not have these questions. They in real time track the status of the order and know when it is being cooked, and when the courier is already on his way. This is one of the most caring functions of the service, which colleagues from Breadhead studio have implemented on the website, and we did in the application.

Order status tracking screen

Order in a minute

The application automatically determines the location. When the user chooses the dish and puts it to the cart, all the fields are already filled in. You only need to confirm the order. You do not need to register separately, just enter the code from the SMS and that’s it — the order is accepted! It takes less than a minute.

Quick order screens
Oleg Shirokov
«I myself order food in Yami Yami. Barbecue pizza is wonderful. And I like to do it through the application, because it’s very fast: a couple of taps, a cart and it’s ready».
Oleg Shirokov

Project Manager, MobileUp

short video about ordering food through the app
Timofey Sergeev
«The old application was not about food, and there were a lot of bugs in it. The new is much better. Although now it has only a basic functionality, and more needs to be improved. There are not enough filters for the category of dishes, the cuisine and the type of dishes. But we managed to improve the efficiency of the service. Now 10-13% of the total number of orders comes in through the mobile application».
Timofey Sergeev

Marketing Director, Yami Yami


  • Tagline Awards 2016

    2nd place in the category «Best Service Application»»

The project team

  • Project Manager

    Oleg Shirokov

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • Design

    Ilyas Gayfullin

  • CTO

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS-development

    Polina Demidova

    Alexey Nemychenkov

    Ilya Filinovich

  • Android-development

    Dmitry Gorbunov

  • Testing

    Alexandra Kochetkova

    Daria Kurkina

    Ilya Biltuyev


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