Web services

We develop web services and everything that is commonly understood by this definition: backend, websites, in-house systems, and portals, admin panels. We have assumed Frontend and Backend as well.

MobileUp’s tasks to solve

  1. Code audit

    We analyze a codebase, identify risks and issues, provide a general code quality assessment and recommendations for its improvement.

  2. Code refactoring

    We conduct a code audit to make a refactoring plan based on its results. The refactoring requires close interaction of the development, testing, analytics, and design teams jointly.

  3. Web services from scratch

    We create a new product or rewrite an already existing one from scratch.

  4. Project support

    We take finished products to support and improve.

What we do

  • CRM systems and ERP services

    We develop systems for business management and automate internal processes

  • Web services

    We create complex sites that can take the severe load

  • Server-side application/ backend

    We provide app backend development


  • Infrastructure

    CI/CD, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Backend

    NodeJS, NestJS, Postgres

  • Frontend

    ReactJS, NextJS

If for some reason we can’t take your site, the team carefully refers it to the head of our affiliate program. We have more than 100 diverse companies, including IoT, AR, VR ones under the wing. We find the perfect partner with relevant experience who could really help.


  • Web site design and development for a bank from TOP-20

    We have managed to figure out a way to add the conversion to the bank website. A convenient admin panel and a builder to create new pages quickly have been implemented.

  • Development of the website and in-house portal for a large AI player in the Russian market

    We brought life to layouts by means of non-standard animations. At the same time, the AWD (adaptive web design) was provided. It adapts to the size of any device.

  • The app for a bank of the future: creation and development

    In addition to the custom transactions with accounts and cards, it includes cryptocurrency transactions (wallets, exchange, purchase, sale). The line between traditional money and cryptocurrency has been blurred there.

  • Web service design and development for a western crypto company

    We have designed the interface and implemented a technical part of the platform: backend, admin panel, user personal cabinet.

  • UI/UX design for a crypto bank

    We have designed and implemented a web version of the confidential crypto bank (a Revolut killer). It gave birth to the service to accept payments from different countries later.

  • Design and development for the management and protection of personal data platform

    This platform is based on decentralization, and the interaction between participants’ logic is carried out directly, without let or hindrance from the third party. The security and legitimacy of the contract are guaranteed by blockchain and cryptographic algorithms.

  • Backend implementation for Aladdin project

    We have developed the same name app for Aladdin at the same time as the backend.

Customer feedback

  • Logo Velogorod
    Andrey SafronovProject lead, Velogorod
    Our employees and users liked the project. That’s what’s important
  • Logo "Aladdin"
    Nikita TrunovFounder, Aladdin
    These guys gave a lot of good technical recommendations for our project improvement. Users are talking favorably of the app. They also note its high speed of work and usability.
  • Logo "Cerri"
    Vasily KlimkoProject manager, Cerri.com
    We have worked with many contractors, but MobileUp guys are a step ahead. They thought carefully about solutions, gave good advice, and, in fact, became our technology partner. MobileUp didn’t waste our time compared to other developers and this was the most important and valuable thing for us. We could provide just background information to the team, and they worked autonomously and turned to us only when it was necessary.
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