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Fans of the famous entertainment show «Vecherniy Urgant» are happy! Now all episodes as well as individual videos from the sensational categories are available at any time on any device!

Application screen

Project task

Task is to make a modern and convenient application to increase video views from mobile devices and, as a result, the channel’s income from mobile video advertising.


We conducted a short survey and found out what users wanted from the new application. We created an understandable structure and convenient navigation. In addition to the obvious episodes watching, we found several useful features that added functionality and delighted fans of the show. Voila — enjoy watching!


Missed an episode? No problem. All programs are collected and available in the application in high resolution. Each video contains a short block with a description icluded guest list, music, air date, broadcast time and release number.

Release Selection Screen

You don’t need the Internet

Would you like to save watching for later? No problem. Any program can be saved to watch later at the right time. You don’t even need an internet connection! The download process is also planned down to the last detail. There are no confirmations. A user sees the download status and can interrupt the process at any time. All downloaded videos are in the «Saved» section.

Releases saved in the application

The best episodes

Do you like an episode? Save it to the «Favorites». Here you can have your own selection of the best episodes of the show.
Watch the funniest moments and share them on social media!

Screen of choice favorite episodes

Section filter

What is your favorite section? Do you prefer «Guests» or «Upside-down look»? Use section filter to watch the most interesting episodes!

Filtering in the application

Catch up TV

The content of «Vecherniy Urgant» is updated in the «catch up» mode. All new episodes of the show are available in the application immediately after the premiere.

Application on different devices


This is not the first time we work with Video on Demand and our team has upgraded the technology so that the watching is comfortable and brings only positive emotions. The application is in a stable working condition, no failures. Users rated it highly in app stores: 4.5 on the AppStore and 4.6 on Google Play. Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

Application screensaver

Business functions

First of all, a mobile application is a business tool. We have built into the app a powerful monitoring and statistics system so that the customer always has an understanding of the application effectiveness.

We organically introduced video ads at the beginning of the show with flexible configuration on the server and the ethical function to skip advertising at the request of the user after a few seconds of ad view.

Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • System architect

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS-development

    Alexey Nemichenkov

    Polina Demidova

  • Android-developmen

    Vasiliy Chirvon

    Konstantin Tshovrebov

    Dmitry Gorbunov

  • Testing

    Olesya Podus


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