DriveMatic helps you to improve the safety of driving and save money on petrol


Tinkoff DriveMatic UI


The app for «Tinkoff Insurance Company» clients helps to analyse and improve the style of driving in the real-time mode.

Tinkoff DriveMatic UI

Project task

To create a convenient mobile app which gives an opportunity to estimate the price of the insurance and to buy the policy by more attractive prices.


We created the system that cooperates with monitoring equipment set in the car. We worked out the app that can be easily used: we offer a simple navigation, a convenient interface and some other benefits.

Tinkoff DriveMatic UI

How is the data collected?

The car is equipped with special device. The data is transmitted to the system where it is processed and sent to the insurance company.

During every trip the device counts the number of emergency breaking, speed-ups and over speeding. The system takes into consideration the optimality of speed rate. As a result you get the definition of your trip as well as the sum of money spent on petrol.

Sign up screen

What does it provide for the business?

The insurance company offers a chance to save some money buying a policy. So the app helps to attract new clients and show the values of the brand.

Trip definition and statistics screen

What benefits does the user get?

The user can control the cost of the petrol, save money buying insurance and not overpay for his (her) mistakes. The more careful you are, the less money for the insurance you pay.

Welcome screen with app guide

Route review

The road users can view the route and find out where the car is.

Route screen


Compare the descriptions! Correct your manner of driving according to your data!

Progress screen

Drive carefully and pay less money for your insurance together with Tinkoff DriveMatic!

Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS-development

    Vitaliy Zarubin

  • Android-development

    Vasiliy Chirvon


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