Tele2 Payment

The mobile banking for Tele2 subscribers

There are 44 million subscribers of Tele2 in Russia. Tele2 Payment allows its users to make payments and transfers using only a mobile account.

Originally, the service was Android-only. We had to create a project from scratch for iOS, breath a new life into the Android application, add tokenization, and option to issue the cards.

Video phone with app

The app has been redesigned completely

  • Design
  • UI
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • iOS
  • Android

We have done a great job and helped to make the use of mobile commerce services more convenient.

Now you can pay for any goods and such services as the Internet at home, utility bills, purchases in online stores by means of the app. Here we tell you how it was done.

The project participants

  • Tele2

    The customer

  • Cardsmobile

    the SDK and backend developer

  • Mastercard

    The payment system

  • RFI Bank

    The issuing bank

  • TalkBank

    The intermediary

  • MobileUp

    The developer

6 project participants

brain explosion

Six teams worked on the project: Tele2, Cardsmobile, Mastercard, TalkBank, RFI Bank and MobileUp. Every team added to the project some code, some love, and some tears.

This had not been without any suffering. It was very hard to coordinate such a large team, which included two banks with complex internal systems and processes.

All features are on one long screen. Many active elements attract attention. One mistake, and your money are left. Well,it doesn't have to be that way.

The app’s look has been changed according to Tele2 guides. We have redesigned the structure to provide easy access to functions. For details, refer below.


Our team conducted research and studied the previous version of the application, other Tele2 products, and best banking application practices. We took the most convenient patterns and used them with the My Tele2 application’s logic to create an inextricable brand experience for users.



The main screen.

We removed the data entry forms and placed anchors to let the user find the desired action quickly.

The service's source of income is the cards’ issue. We put them in a prominent place. The general style was made in the style of the "My Tele2"application and according to the guidelines.

Money transfer script.

It is convenient that data entry is divided into steps banking applications: one field - one step. Thus, your attention is focused and the margin of error is reduced. We did the same.

Data entry is assisted through prompts. At the end of the script, we let the user check the data again.

Payment history and statistics.

Nothing extra, just familiar and necessary things.

You can watch every operation, and repeat or add it to favorites, if possible. Push on the star, the addressee will appear on the main screen.

Our Ui-designer

Timur, Ui-designer

Timur Timur, Ui-designer We're just lucky Tele2 visual language has a vivid and bold style. We tried not to distort it.

Development and debugging

We add complex backend infrastructure and a lot of test documentation for all project participants to many integration points with third-party services.

Problems in project

Debugging took some time. Everything about the money and personal data of users requires additional protection. Any deployment at the production stage is risky. We did development on a test because we already had had the app running on a production environment with real users, who shouldn't be disturbed.

It led to additional testing on the list of test-cases, deployment documentation, and quick response in case of a problem. We had no access to the production environment because of security policy, that’s why elevated logging has been configured.

Tele2 – our biggest project


Tele2 – our biggest microservices architecture project

Support tools

Frameok and Mutal are technologies created by MobileUp. These self-made tools became an important part of the application.

  • Mutal is a test framework, a recorder case, that helped automate application testing.

  • Frameok is our style guide, which passed a rigorous customer review and became the basis of the project.

Our team leader

Dima, Development team leader

Dima Dima, Development team leader If one day left for me and I should finish the final project I will choose the one for Tele2.


  • Payment services marketplace

    Tele2 has become a payment services marketplace where you can even take a loan.

  • Mobile account = bank account

    Tele2 subscribers have the opportunity to use their mobile account as a bank one. Money from a mobile account can be transferred to cards virtually or not. Indeed, a client can issue these cards, a few clicks, and voilà.

  • Opportunity for bank development

    Now, Tele2 Payment looks like a unique opportunity for any commercial bank to enter the retail market using a new digital channel.

Our project manager

Anna, Project manager

Anna Anna, Project manager This project is a challenge for every participant. It includes such aspects as a large number of participants, an increased level of security, and non-trivial tasks for the team.

Project team

  • Account manager

    Alexandr Maslov

  • Project managers

    Anna Nachovnova

    Oleg Shirokov

    Nikita Grigoriev

    Mihail Kovalenko

  • Analytics

    Daria Smirnova

  • UI design

    Timur Repin

    Anna Matveeva

    Ioann Chaikovski

  • iOS-development

    Dmitriy Smirnov

    Pavel Petrovich

    Nikolay Timonin

    Iliya Filinovich

    Ruslan Ahriev

    Edgar Semko

  • Android-development

    Denis Tkachenko

    Vitaliy Zharikov

    Semion Varivoda

    Artur Artikov

    Yuriy Kuchanov

    Vova Mochalov

    Dmitriy Gorbunov

    Vasiliy Chirvon

  • Testing

    Ira Moiseenko

    Dasha Kurkina

    Artem Samoshin

    Iliya Zelenskiy

    Yulia Boiko

  • Backend

    Dima Kuznetsov

    Alexey Vakurin

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