Sovcombank Chatbank

One application for all accounts and payment cards of the bank

Sovcombank ChatBank app user interface


Entrepreneurs are constantly make financial transactions: transfer money, create BGS, check reports. To help its clients not to switch from one account to the other constantly, Sovcombank made a service that gives access to business, personal and even family members’ accounts. We helped to improve the experience of using the application by means of a stylish and thoughtful design.

Sovcombank ChatBank app user interface

Project task

Sovcombank services were considered as conservative and uncomfortable ones. The developers introduced a unique opportunity to combine accounts and asked us to make a modern application design to get rid of users’ negative emotions.


We conducted a market research, analyzed the solutions of other banking applications, thought out what can be done better in ChatBank, and presented our design concept to the customer. The client liked our approach; we won the tender and developed a design for two platforms.

Other banking apps review Peer group analysis

Selected solutions

We have tested Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Rocketbank and Tochka Bank’s applications. We tried to transfer money, issue invoices and pay for services. We found out where some things work better and studied user reviews. As a result, we kept the best ones and offered them for ChatBank screens. One of these solutions was adding user avatars, because it’s not scary to send money if you see the face of recipient.

Other banking apps icons

MobileUp Art Director comments

Philip Filchenko
«I’ve been looking forward to make something for a bank. So I have a burning desire to make the project. We spent more than 40 hours preparing for the tender. The team conducted a study and made a prototype, then we prepared a concept of design and finally won the tender. Further it was smooth sailing. We completed the concept of design with blocks, transferring it to all screens of the application».
Philip Filchenko

Art Director, MobileUp

All accounts on one screen

One of the basic tasks of ChatBank is to combine all accounts and payment cards(personal and family ones) of the bank in one app. At the same time we need to make the screen clear, informative and not overloaded.

We divided the lists into blocks. The accounts are at the top, and the bank’s special offers are at the bottom. If the bank wants to offer something new, a notification icon appears in the Tab Bar, the «Accounts» tab.

Notification icons in ChatBank app
ChatBank app main screen

A user can go to the Account screen from the main one, but it is not necessary to come back to check another one. Accounts are swiped.

«Accounts and payment cards» screen
«Payment cards settings» screen

Understandable financial analytics

A penny saved is a penny earned. To analyze expenses and incomes, the ChatBank application has a schedule with details on categories and operations. We used both a bar graph and a pie chart for better visual data visualization. The priority is information about costs, but you can see statistics on the receipt of funds if you swipe. The user can add tags to all operations to make reports later.

The statistics screen and Details on the expenditure

Full range of bank operations

The app includes everything you need to manage the finances: pay for services, receive a bank statement or invoice details, receive a BGC. To let a user navigate in operations without effort, we grouped them and provide them with graphics.

Bank operations screen

Working tool for an entrepreneur

We interviewed entrepreneurs and realized how to make their experience better. We have worked on the information, divided operations into steps, reduced the number of fields as much as possible, adapted the document loading when a current account was created and the status of BGC’s(from drafts to ones added to the bank).

Creating current account screen

Design features for Android

The Android version is made in accordance with the Google Material Design guides.It differs from the iOS application by its side menu instead of tab bar and simpler graphics. This speeds up the development process and ensures proper display on all devices.

ChatBank app Android main screen
Main payment cards Android screen
The statistics Android screen

CEO MobileUp comments

Sergey Denisuk
«I often cite this project as an example, where we have made a cool design out of nothing».
Sergey Denisuk

CEO, MobileUp

Sovcombank Chatbank app introduction video

Project team

  • Project manager

    Alexandr Khoroshevsky

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • Design

    Daria Korzhanova-Gvozdeva

    Ilyas Gayfullin

«The new design is not fully implemented in the ChatBank application. Now the Sovcombank team is working on the project independently».

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