Just a loyalty program for users of a "goodsline" (a distributor of goods)


Won Pioneum contest. Again.

This time we have got the award for FoodTech thanks to our loyalty program for Samokat (its app).

Contest results

About Samokat

Company website

This is a well-known free service for food delivery which is available in 20 cities of Russia.

During the period of self-isolation, the volume of deliveries through Samokat has increased 3.5 times. More than 18 million orders were delivered in 2020 by its delivery guys.

Vyacheslav Bocharov
Vyacheslav Bocharovco-founder, Samokat

"It is enough to open the tap for water to appear, the light turns on automatically. But you still have to go to the store to get some food.

We want to build a goods distribution line that will allow us to receive products instantly, without waiting, exactly when it is needed in the appropriate quantity."


The task was to develop a loyalty program that will accelerate the transition of users from "new ones" to "loyal ones" and discover the essence of the brand.

Work plan

  1. Analytics.

    Study of the real concepts, analysis of the audience, competitors, and the market

  2. Hypotheses.

    Creation and description of basic and additional mechanics of the loyalty program

  3. Economics.

    Formation of the economic model of the loyalty program

  4. Design.

    Preparation of the assessment, MVP launch roadmap), and recommendations for the development

  5. Assessment.

    Preparing layouts for validated mechanics

Variant of the loyality programm
Variant of the loyality programm
Variant of the loyality programm

Our variant of the loyality programm

Igor Rozhkov
Igor RozhkovMarketing director, Samokat

"It is essential for us to offer a unique creative product to the market, as well as our service, which would be useful to customers and thought out to the last detail at the same time".


The entire process and result of work on the case are provided in a 15 minutes video.

It will take the same time to read the whole text and see all the layouts on this page.

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  • Analyze incoming materials

    During the work, we received two different concepts at once, which were in the work of the company. After examining each of them and talking with representatives of the service, we have made a "red flags" list that could stop the loyalty program from being perfect. So we wanted to make it perfect.

  • Take into account Samokat concept

    We analyzed the numerous materials of Samokat before conducting our research.

    We thoroughly studied 225 pages of Samokat research, descriptions, and presentations in total and found several useful insights there.

    First of all, we realized that a loyalty program is most necessary. Delivery services of chain retailers have not only a wider assortment and lower prices, but they also use loyalty programs as another competitive advantage.

  • Conduct more research

    We lacked some data despite the exhaustive list of materials. Our team decided to get the data through in-depth interviews with users of the service and interviewed 47 people from eight cities where Samokat was implemented. So we got the data that was interesting to us in the first place.

    Position assessment

    A look at the brand through the eyes of the audience and comparing positioning with reality are provided.

    Consumer behavior analysis

    There was studying the behavior of the audience that did not tend to any consumption options but used the services of retailers and a Samokat as well.

    Core values

    We conducted research on the most valuable things for the user in loyalty programs of competitors or representatives of related industries.

  • Look at competitors

    We also analyzed the loyalty programs of 19 Russian and foreign companies to find out what competitors do well.

    • Develop behavioral mechanics

      "Diverse food" of VkusVill helps to get more information on the range of goods

    • Create multi-level loyalty programs with rewards depended on costs

      Lenta loyalty program levels

    • Award users on the app promotion

      Benefits of Shefmarket Invite a Friend program

    • Launch charity initiatives

      Ben & Jerry’s produces special goods and donates all proceeds to charitable foundations

    • Create complete ecosystems of their products

      Yandex.Lavka as a part of Yandex.Plus program

    • Create loyalty programs, that seem invisible to the user

      Australian KFC and unexpected gifts for the user

    • Double bonuses on special occasions

      Starbucks doubles points of its clients in some days

As a result

We have developed a loyalty program that we can be proud of and which will help Samokat to become even better

Communication component

Goods distribution line

Samokat is some kind of "goods line". This is invisible to the eye, but a habitual tool to get fresh food in 15 minutes. It just exists and works. So, the loyalty program of Samokat should be as simple and usual as the tool.

Points distribution line

By analogy with "goods line", we named the tool as "points line" within the team. The user just orders the food and gets some points to spend them on new orders or something else. It’s a simple and clear loyalty program that works.

Basic mechanic

We have preferred the points cashback system as the main mechanic around which the entire loyalty program is shaped.


A fixed 5% cashback of the total order price in the form of points is provided to avoid the splitting of purchase orders.

  • It doesn’t motivate to change user behavior
  • It makes loyal users and not loyal ones equal
  • It negatively affects the service marginality


Three cashback levels — 1, 2, and 5%. A level depends on the number of purchases in the current month.

  • We influence the behavior of the user and change it
  • We offer users better terms
  • We save money and help you make more
Cashback option for Samokat

Every month the progress is recalculated. More purchases — more cashback.

  • 1st levelSpending up to 1000 ₽
  • 2nd levelspending money from 1000 to 5000 ₽
  • 3rd levelspending money over 5000 ₽

Additional mechanics

In addition to the basic cashback available at any level, the user can get back more points thanks to additional mechanics

  • Large orders

    Large orders

    We offer 2% extra cashback for orders over 1000 rubles to increase the average check.

    We also tell the user that the happiness is too close to make him add more goods for the required amount and remind him of it in the shopping cart and via notifications.

  • Birthday gift

    Birthday gift

    We will refund 10% of the holiday order with points to the account. The promotion is valid only for one order three days before and after the date. This helps to avoid an increased cashback credited in case, not for a large purchase on your birthday, but for breakfast ordered three days before.

  • Private label order and feedback

    Private label order and feedback

    The user can get 10% cashback points at the first order of every product of Samokat private label if he provides feedback for this product. We carefully give the user a hint that he has such an opportunity.

Investment in good works

Samokat clients can support charitable organizations

Spend benefit points on good works

The perfect loyalty system should enrich the service. Therefore, we focus on a creative effort instead of compensating and doubling points. Samokat clients can help charitable organizations as well as use the points for the next orders.

Variant of the loyality programm
Variant of the loyality programm
Variant of the loyality programm

Charity is an important part of our loyalty program You are about to have a solution

Service development

We also thought about other add-ons not bound to a points system, that the loyalty program could include. We also considered how to gamify and enrich both the UX and the service.

  • Share your shopping cart

    Share your shopping cart

    When buying something, the user can put the products into a shopping cart, and share the cart with friends. Upon purchase, the owner of the shopping cart gets an extra 300 points, and the buyer receives an increased cashback (+ 5%).

  • Down with package

    Down with package

    Since every Samokat courier has containers in his bag, packages are no longer required. When going to the shopping cart, the user sees the following checkbox — "deliver without a package".

  • Increased cashback section

    Increased cashback section

    A less negative perception may be the advantage of cashback compared to discounts because discounted goods are too suspicious sometimes. Besides, the credited points encourage the user to repeat an order, whereas a discount does not.

The solution is delivered!

We have developed a loyalty program that will help Samokat save 146 million rubles and turn newcomers into loyal ones.

The project team talks about the case, Alexandr Maslov tells about his favorite ice cream

Jury feedback

  • Vladislav Baskakov
    Vladislav Baskakov

    Product strategy principal, Google

    Great job! Excellent ideas are presented, they are deeply worked out, the effect and the necessary expenditures are calculated. Weaknesses of the current plan of the loyalty program are worked out.

  • Sergey Korolev
    Sergey Korolev

    CEO, Justfood

    Nice presentation, structured solution, good solutions, and their implementation are proposed.

  • Maria Malysheva
    Maria Malysheva

    VP CPO, SberMarket

    They argued why the proposed loyalty program (hereinafter LP) would not give the maximum effect, clarify the risks, and the absence of triggers. It’s good. They demonstrated some well-analyzed examples of competitors’ loyalty programs. I would dig a little deeper into the complexity of the business and the tasks a loyalty program should solve.

Project team

  • Project manager
    • Platon Kultin
  • Analytics
    • Tim Mostivenko
  • UX/UI
    • Alexander Yudin
    • Anna Matveeva
    • Artem Tyutin
    • Emilia Bikmetova
  • Marketing
    • Kirill Malyshev
    • Alisa Mashkova
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