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Investment and beauty

The client needs no introduction, so let’s go straight to the project’s story!

RBC team and MobileUp were going to launch a new product that was supposed to become a new standard in the field and stimulate the investment market.


  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • iOS

RBC provided MobileUp with the already completed design, and we had to do the most important thing — to bring it to life. Such things as seamless animation, smooth graphs and flash-like response are applied in order to make users happy, so they want to keep hold of their phones.


  • The News Feed — Release# 1
  • The Control panel — Release# 2

In terms of functionality, the app is similar to the site of the same name, but sincerely and expertly adapted to the mobile device.We moved iteratively to present the product to users as soon as possible.

  • Release# 1

    The News Feed

    It should come as no surprise that The News Feed section was released on a first-priority basis. The closed alpha test was conducted for the first 100 users.

    We monitored whether it was comfortable and interesting for them. We started collecting the app’s analytics to make everything even better.

    The closed alpha test was conducted for the first 100 users.
  • Release# 2

    The Control panel

    This was the release after which this page appeared. The most important thing there is the Control Panel. This section can be customized by every user as one sees fit.You can choose interesting companies and monitor the market dynamic.

    The section includes investment recommendations, highs and lows of the day, investment ideas, RBC analysts’ compilation and a list of tickers that will pay dividends soon. You can also find such tickers as stocks, bonds, currencies, futures there.

Alexandra, project manager
Alexandra, project manager

RBC Investment is such a real gift! On my birthday, April 27, the team and I prepared a development assessment. As a result, the holiday-like presale has turned into a super product!

Development features

RBC investment app’s design is unique. For the most part the navigation is carried out by swipe in the app. The sections seem to come from one another there. You can get into the content from the feed directly, and if you scroll it, the content will close itself and another screen will be opened smoothly there.

This is just like magic! It’s hard to explain, but easy to show in the picture on the right.

  1. Seamless animation

    We made seamless animations and transitions. The eye does not see them, but they are very pleasant practically. Poof! Section is closed. Poof! It is open again.

  2. Custom elements

    The app includes many custom elements created specially for RBC.

  3. Graphs

    We have implemented several types of graphs with one thing in common — a stylish gradient. You can set up a notification about highs and lows to a certain value.


The Academy, a new section, will be available in the next release. It could help to turn an ordinary man into an investor

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Project team

  • Account manager
    • Alexandr Maslov
  • Project manager
    • Alexandra Gavrilieva
  • iOS-development
    • Pavel Petrovich
    • Nikolay Timonin
    • Dmitriy Korkin
    • Dmitriy Smirnov
  • CTO
    • Eugene Valeev
  • Testing
    • Irina Moiseenko
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