Radio «Aerostat»

The authorial program of Boris Grebenshchikov

The authorial program of Boris Grebenshchikov




As a present to all fans of «Aerostat» radio program we created a special convenient app to listen to it. Now you do not have to struggle with podcast services and audio search in the social nets — everything is assembled in one app — you just turn it on and enjoy the music!

Radio Aerostat app screen

Favorites and Search

To make it easy to find what you need among more than 500 radio programs, we have marked their numbers and titles in the list; we have also made a search according to the title for experienced users.

You can add the best series to the favorites for a quick search or download them.

Screen with favorite radio programs


For each program the full texts with songs titles are downloaded. In 2.0 version we have added a micro rewind for ± 15 seconds to make it easier to find your favorite moments.

Text accompaniment screen in the aerostat radio application


You can control the player directly from the lock screen in your Android-version.

Lock screen with active widget of the aerostat radio player


Let this app help a numerous audience of Aerostat find a lot of new wonderful music!

Team of the project

  • Project manager

    Sergey Denisyuk

  • Art Director

    Sergey Denisyuk

  • iOS-development

    Polina Demidova

  • Android-development

    Konstantin Tshovrebov

    Vasiliy Chirvon

  • Testing

    Olesja Podus


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