Automated testing

Automated testing

This method is applied when it is cheaper and faster than manual testing. This is unsuitable for all projects, so we provide this service to our largest clients. For example, DMV Genie testing was automated (the group includes 14 applications). Automation was necessary to reduce testing costs in the future of this project.


That’s what we’re good at

How do we help

  • Autotests full coverage from scratch

    We create a new product or rewrite the existing one from scratch. The goal is to create a quality product that will be easy to maintain in the future.

  • Autotests maintainance

    If the project already exists, we take it to support and improve. The goal is to implement the new functionality and support the previous one.



When we need it

The MobileUp team uses manual and automated testing for large-scale projects over a long distance. In addition, UNIT tests are used to test separate parts of the code.

  • Large project

    If the project consists of numerous subsystems, the number of tests grows. And here you cannot do without testing automation.

  • Large team

    The developer must be sure that the changes he makes do not break someone else’s code. If there are no autotests, he will know about it in a day or two at best. At worst, he will read about it in a user’s feedback.

  • Frequent releases

    It is inappropriate to spend a week testing functionality within a sprint. Automated testing helps to complete a task within a day.



Automated testing advantages

  • Speed

    Autotest does not need to consult instructions and documentation — this saves execution time so much.

  • Unloading

    Autotests take over all routine actions. This reduces the load on QA engineers and they could test functionality that doesn’t respond to autotests simultaneously.

  • Stability

    Automated testing excludes the human factor. It means that all tests will be passed and all results will be accurate.

  • Autonomy

    Scripts can be run and executed after hours because the local network load is reduced at night. Reports are calculated and saved automatically.

  • Extension

    Auto testing helps to extend the coverage area of test data sets and devices to test on.

  • Optimization

    Autotests take less time to support than manual testing of the same scope. This means that the budget could be optimized.




  • Pytest

    The framework makes it easy to write small tests. It is also scaled to support complex functional testing of apps and libraries.

  • Appium

    This is a cross-platform tool that allows you to write tests for mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) using the API.

  • Allure

    This is a popular autotest reporting tool that simplifies their analysis.

  • Testlt

    The service helps to manage the testing process, maintain test documentation, and monitor results.


stack list

  • Tool's iconPython
  • Tool's iconJava


DMV Genie


This set of apps (iOS and Android) is to prepare and pass driving tests successfully. 20 thousand people from the USA, Great Britain, and Canada use it daily. We have been already working on the project for 7 years, but used only manual testing for a long time.

The question of automation came up when we combined all apps into a super app. Autotests helped to reduce the time for routine testing, free up manual testers’ time to work with the rest of the functionality, and improve product quality.


A crypto wallet made in Canada


We had conducted the mobile app audit so the customer liked our job and offered to work together on the product. We improved the architecture and accelerated development using template classes and standard mechanisms of Swift. We also implemented Compose, a new way to organize UI.

900 test cases were developed to test the functionality of the app. We automated their run with TestRail and redirected the QA engineers’ efforts to UI / UX testing and product localization.



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