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35,000 professionals from all over the country enhance their skills at Sberbank Corporate University. On the portal «Virtual School», students receive access to all educational content remotely. So, we have developed a mobile application for iOS and Android to provide them the opportunity to study anywhere in the world at any time.



Put the knowledge base into the pocket

The Knowledge Base of the Corporate University is a huge archive that stores more than 300 units of educational content: books, video lectures, audiobooks, articles, and webinar records. We had a task to combine all formats of files in one application.

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Development of a fast and user-friendly app for the Sber employees

We researched the formats of books, videos, and audio files, and realized how to build user interaction with content and where difficulties could arise. Our team tried different ways of displaying the material, tested dozens of technical solutions, selected suitable options, and finally developed the application for both platforms where you can read, listen and watch educational content.


«There are just readers, there are applications for audiobook listening, and there are ones for watching videos. We combined all this in the Virtual School. As a result, we have got the comprehensive knowledge base of Sberbank.»

Eugene Denisov

Project Manager, MobileUp

Books, videos, and audio files — all in one app

Books of all time and all publishers

Sberbank Corporate University has its collection of books and collaborates with various business publishers: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Alpina Publisher, and Eksmo. All of them provide books with book covers of various sizes. So, we needed to unify the display of all books and used the standard format.

We used vertical book covers on the left and a short description on the right with no shadows or substrates. Neat and tidy. This format is suitable for previews of video and audio files. As a process issue, we preferred Folio library. It looked like the most stable one and did not require any improvements.

  • Choose an interesting knowledge unit

    It is easy to study when you have all the required information. You can use filters to choose a topic and a type of material in the app. A user may watch all speakers’ lections on the subject of Agile, for example. Selected parameters are concisely displayed in tag format.

  • Listening to audiobooks on the move

    Part of the materials of the «Virtual School» has audio versions. If you are good at multitasking enough, you can do sports, cook, or use social media and listen to audio recordings of your educational materials at the same time.

  • Offline access to the files

    You can save files on your device in advance to listen to and read books when you are on a plane or a beach in Indonesia and there is no Internet at the moment.

  • Collection of highly relevant materials

    The user gets what he or she wants immediately. We focused on relevant materials on the main screen: recently viewed and saved ones. Enlarged book covers and headlines look attractive and stylish.

  • Individual study plan

    Sberbank Corporate University offers various unique learning programs for executives, representatives of executive authorities, and partner companies. Educational systems vary with goals, subjects, and teachers. A student gets all the information about his studies: duration of the study, teacher contacts and even graduating students’ feedback in the «My Programs» section.

  • Adjust useful settings for reading

    The reading options in the app can be configured. As in any good reader, it is possible to change the font size and color, set the day or night mode, and move on to the table of contents to choose a topic there.

Adjust useful settings for reading



We just did an educational project which has no equal in Russia

With its help, students of the Corporate University can get remote learning. The project is constantly being refined and has accumulated a large archive of materials since 2012. Thanks to the application, a user can get access to these materials from any device.



Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • Design

    Daria Korzhanova, Ilyas Gayfullin

  • System architect

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS‑development

    Dmitry Rosov, Ilya Filinovich, Polina Demidova, Ilya Biltuyev

  • Android‑development

    Vasiliy Chirvon, Vladimir Shedko, Konstantin Kulikov

  • Testing

    Alexandra Kochetkova, Daria Kurkina, Maria Orlova, Ilya Zelensky

  • Manager

    Alexandr Khoroshevsky




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