Restart the Velogorod mobile app, a public bike-sharing system in Saint-Petersburg

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Come up to the station, open the app, push «Start ride» and that’s it! You can take the bike and go! The Velogorod app offers an opportunity to rent a bike at any station just with a few clicks. It is easy to sign up, find free bikes and pay for trips. The project is the winner of the «Golden App 2016» contest.



The service update

Users complained about an unclear system of signing up, and rating, and a complicated system of functioning before. We wanted to make communication easier with the help of the app and website, to make the system more available. So that we could improve the service and promote the growth of the bike hire number.

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Restart the system

We carried out research and found the main issues in interaction with users. We went through the communication in detail and created a new mobile app and a visual adaptive website.

The same thing was done with the rental operators. We created an inner system of control and technical support, and a system of the key indicators tracking for the headship.

We designed and rewrote the server-based part of the project and API cooperation with the stations. It let everyone hire bikes directly with the mobile app and it let us solve the technical problems of the former system.


To make the product easy and convenient to use we needed to understand the way of communication between the app and the station.

We surveyed more than 100 people. We communicated with active cyclists, with those who do not use bikes very often (we paid much attention to them to understand the reason for rare trips), and with ordinary people who studied the instruction at the station. As result, we found some issues and incomprehensible moments that users faced with.

We rode the bicycles, researched different situations, asked questions, and found some difficulties.

The development of such a project consists of many details, so it was necessary to take everything into consideration.


«We hired the bikes ourselves and rode them to understand how a user felt it. Now everything is worked through in detail. And the main aim is to make it easier to work with the app.»

Vitaliy Zarubin

Team lead, MobileUp


People did not understand how the bike rental service works, what the minimum balance is and why we need it, how the rating goes, what the time-based payment is, and what penalty charges are possible. They did not know that the hire for one day does not force you to ride one bike and that there is a 30 minutes free ride.

We tried to solve the problem of misunderstanding with the help of the new design and the clear information submission in the new app and on the site.

The pricing has also become clearer: we had the texts rewritten and added some visual infographics. An explanation of the working process was also included: illustrations for every step and an introduction before use. Some hints help new users during their acquaintance with the bike rental service as well.

Choose your bike

First interaction

User interaction begins with a tour of the application. It helps to navigate and explains the need to turn on geolocation and push notifications.

Common situations

If someone tries to hire a bike without a subscription the app sends him to the rating system automatically and shows what to do.

If a user wants to buy the subscription without any money on the account the system shows the balance that you must have to continue. You do not need count or to pay twice.

You do not need to enter the card details every time you use the app, it remembers the data and saves it. This thing stimulates the usage of the bike rental service.

We worked out all scenarios and thought out all steps that lead a user to the right action in every situation. Now the structure is clear and everyone can understand it easily.


«Our mission there was not only to provide a reliable technical implementation but also to create a user-demanded product that will boost the development of public bike rent.»

Sergey Denisyuk

СEO, MobileUp

Informative profile

There is all important information for the user assembled on one screen:

  • A valid tariff plan

  • Current balance

  • History of travel with a detailed summary of each

  • The history of all transactions



We made it easy to use a bike

The new Velogorod app made it easy to rent a bike. There are no access points on the stations; you do not need them anymore because of the smartphone.

Among world similar systems of renting (American, Canadian and European) it is the first one with which you communicate only with the app.



Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • Art Director

    Filipp Filchenko

  • CTO

    Eugene Valeev

  • Web-development

    Sergey Popov, Vitaliy Bolychev

  • iOS-development

    Vitaliy Zarubin, Polina Demidova

  • Android-development

    Dmitriy Gorbunov, Konstantin Zhovrebov, Vasiliy Chirvon

  • Testing

    Olesja Podus, Varvara Mironova

  • Server

    Anton Vitjazev, Vitaliy Bolychev




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