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Remote monitoring of sensor readings and security control




How can people control a security of an apartment, a cottage or an office from any place in the world?
MyAlarm is a mobile personal account for customers of security companies who use solutions of C.Nord security system. MyAlarm application allows its users to control the security modes of objects, get alert signals and watch security cameras remotely.

MyAlarm application screen

Project task

There is no funny business with the security. That’s why the customer had high demands on a reliability. It was necessary to make a stable Android application that would allow to interact with such objects of the security system as sensors, video routers, relays, and security panels in rooms.


We have developed a reliable application that meets all the technical requirements of the system. It requests information from an alarm panel, a camera, sensors via C.Nord cloud, gets current data and displays it in the user’s personal account.

Scheme of elements interaction

Remote control

It’s possible to turn security system on and off, monitor data from motion sensors, temperature, fire, water leakage and gas leaks via MyAlarm app. A user can also control raising the garage door, powering the boiler, and so on there. The functionality depends on user settings.

Events feed

Everything is under control. A user instantly gets information about who removed or put the object on guard and when it was done. If there’s a real alert, the information about the security company’s actions is received and demonstrated in the feed. A user will know how soon a Rapid Response Unit would be called up, when it would arrive and how quickly it would solve a problem. Such openness looks like an additional advantage for the security company.

MyAlarm app events feed

Alarms and и emergencies

A user will immediately get a notification If one of the sensors has tripped or something has happened to the alarm. As a last resort, MyAlarm has 24-hour chat support and a panic button, which can be used to call a Rapid Response Unit independently.

MyAlarm app screens

Live video

In MyAlarm, you can watch videos and security footage. Video runs when there is connection to Wi-Fi or LTE, and a slideshow is available if there is 3G. Cameras in the mobile application are presented as preview images. It allows to assess the situation on the object instantly without downloading a video stream.

MyAlarm live video

Several objects in one account

Several objects can be managed from within one account and it’s possible to watch who came first to the office, is there somebody home or is it everything ok at the cottage in the country. All objects also can be divided into such zones as «marketing office», «logistics office», «negotiation» to receive information on each one separately.

Advantages for users and security firms

MyAlarm provides its user with anytime access to update information about the state of the objects and makes it possible to control the situation without assistance.

A security company looks remarkable against competitors with a convenient MyAlarm user account in combination with C.Nord multifunctional system.

Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • Server

    C.Nord team

  • Design

    Nikita Demidov

  • Android-developmen

    Vasiliy Chirvon

  • Testing

    C.Nord team


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