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Musicians can broadcast concerts, rehearsals and backstages in real time, interact with the fans, make money and attract the attention of record labels.

App user interface

Project task

Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live are popular video streaming services used by millions of people. But due to the low quality of content and the lack of sound adjustments, they are not suitable for musicians. And not all artists can afford a professional organization of video broadcasting.

Our goal was to create a simple and convenient tool, which will satisfy the requirements of musicians and allow to do the broadcast performances directly from mobile phones without loss of sound quality and picture.


To find out the needs of the audience, we interviewed about 100 musicians and sound engineers.

As a result, we developed a service that provides a minimum delay of video signal, allows you to adjust the sound, to stream from several cameras at once, to share the broadcasts and collect detailed statistics of performances.

It is possible to watch the broadcasts in iOS-app and on the website. All recordings are saved in the archives. Later, artists can upload them on YouTube, mount and use as a promo.

Quality of sound and video

Good sound is important for musicians! MusicNow allows to adjust the audio signal enhancement and control the equalizer. A special indicator shows, if the sound level overloads the incoming channel and allows to present the audience a clear audio track without distortion.

To get the high-quality streaming, we have tested five media servers for transcoding and transferring video and provided minimal delay — just 7 seconds.

Sound level indicator


The unique feature is the ability to broadcast concerts from multiple cameras (iPhones) simultaneously. Users can watch the performances from different angles and switch between them. With the permission of artists fans can participate in the broadcasting, streaming live concerts from their phones.

Switching camera angles

Sharing the broadcasts

The broadcasts from MusicNow can be streamed directly to YouTube and Facebook Live. It allows not to lose a loyal audience of social media.

Sharing the broadcasts screen


One does not simply overwrite the concert, if something went wrong. So it was important to ensure the stability of streaming.

No incoming call, SMS or instant messenger message interrupts the broadcast. Broadcasts are resistant to folding-unfolding of the app and short-term Internet connection failure. And the work with memory is optimized to save battery power.

Singer account
Singer account

Data about the musicians

MusicNow collects a lot of useful statistics on the concerts. In addition to the usual data of viewership and the average duration of the views, you can also see how many users pay to musician, what’s their average check, in which country is a majority of fans, how many people share concerts in social media and other mathematical features of fans’ love.

Based on these data music labels can make a decision to sign the contracts with new artists. It’s win-win for both musicians and labels.

Crowdfunding for musicians

We connect global payment service Stripe, so musicians could accept payments from appreciative fans.

Artist support screen

Become visible with MusicNow

MusicNow app allows to create professional broadcasts of music performances with high quality of sound and video, share them with fans and attract a new audience.

Sergey Denisyuk

"We have focused on the quality of sound and video because it plays an important role for musicians.

To understand what functional sound settings are the most necessary, we interviewed around 100 musicians and sound engineers, conducted a large research. Then found a simple but effective way to control it.

We have tried many solutions for video streaming to come up with the optimal and introduced to the market a new multi cameras function to vary the user experience.

The result is a unique service which aims to help young musicians to realize their potential".

Sergey Denisyuk

CEO, MobileUp

Project team

  • Project manager

    Sergey Denisyuk

    Andrey Artemenko

  • Art Director

    Filipp Filchenko

  • Design

    Artur Thruny

  • DevOps

    Pavel Burmistrov

  • iOS-development

    Pavel Alexeev

  • Node.js-development

    Eugene Ivanov

  • Testing

    Eugene Ponomarenko

    Ekaterina Karya


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