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How to increase insurance sales in the banking app

MKB app's interface
Made the interface to increase revenue per user (the MKB clients)


The MKB is on the list of the most successful banks in the field of insurance sales. The bank’s specialists are great at high insurance sales when they apply for loans in offices, but they didn’t know how to do this in a mobile way until recently. We understood the problem and figured out how to increase insurance sales in the banking application.


Our task is to help the bank to sell more insurances through the app and provide an increase of revenue per client.


We talked with people who take out loans and gained two main insights: people were afraid that they couldn’t keep up the payments or the bank would not approve the loan. We analyzed competitors’ approaches and came up with UI solutions that could help overcome fears and boost insurance sales.

Market situation

product info

We provide a complete list of our products and immediately demonstrate such key parameters as name, terms and rate to help a client to decide on the question of loan.

app's screens

Overcome the fear № 1: “Do I have enough money to take out a loan?”

One of the banking applications’ problems is uninformative loan screens. That’s why we decided to show all important numbers at once: loan amount, interest rate, monthly payment. The slider bar allows you to play with the values and choose the optimal ratio. You can take out a loan with confidence!

app's screens
app's screens

Overcome the fear № 2: “Will I be approved for a loan?”

The client needs to get a loan, we need to sell insurance. We introduce a conditional “borrower rating”. The higher it is, the more likely the client gets a loan. We explain that getting insurance increases your rating and boosts your chances to be approved. Therefore, the client sees all benefits of insurance and, more likely, decides to buy it.

app's screens
Alexandr Khoroshevsky
“We have reviewed all insurance decisions. Most applications use these bashful default checkboxes or annoying popups. It looks like something imposed and needless. We decided to find another way and demonstrate to the client the value of insurance.”
Alexandr Khoroshevsky

Account manager, MobileUp

Сomplete the registration process сorrectly

The user choses a loan, enters all the data and is ready to drive a new car, which he is going to buy with this money. So we show him/her a detailed resume with the loan amount, rate, terms and insurance in order to not let the user change his/her mind.

app's screens
Philip Filchenko
“We offered to improve communication with users to show them insurance benefits more clearly. As a result we have got an innovative way to offer the client optional services”.
Philip Filchenko

Art director, MobileUp

Project team

  • Project manager

    Alexandr Khoroshevsky

  • Art director

    Philip Filchenko

  • UX/UI

    Ilyas Gaifullin

    Timur Repin

The case was used to bid for a tender of the MKB. The MKB team commended the approach, but it was not integrated into the app.

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