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A business needs regular support to be booming. The application «SME Business Navigator. Support measures» helps entrepreneurs to develop their businesses for free. There they find out where to train personnel, rent coworking, take out a loan and get support.

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First it was SME Business Navigator, then it is SME Business Navigator. Supportive measures

In March 2017, we won a tender for SME Business Navigator development in partnership with Everpoint company. The Everpoint team undertook the analysis of geodata and the development of a web application; we were engaged in mobile development.



Creating a new product for entrepreneurs

Our team had to fit most features of SME Business navigator large-scale web service in a mobile app.



Two audiences mean two different services

To simplify the work with the service, our team has developed two applications — for first-time entrepreneurs and experienced ones. We wrote about the app for first-time entrepreneurs in the previous case. Now we are going to tell about the app for experienced ones who want to develop their business.

  • Иконка инструмента

    Business Navigator app

    An application
    to calculate a business plan

  • Иконка инструмента

    SME Business Navigator.
    Supportive measures

    Application to help
    entrepreneurs develop their business

Financial assistance

Let’s say an entrepreneur wants to open another outlet to increase the company’s income, but he does not have enough money. It is possible to find the nearest foundations that provide different loans and guarantees for investment purposes in the app.

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Financial assistance for entrepreneurs

Education for entrepreneurs

The app gives such information for business growth as participation in procurement training, legal advice, and assistance with export. The app «SME Business Navigator. Support measures» will help to find free consulting centers, Multifunctional Centers for the Provision of State and Municipal Services, and Service Centers for businesses in Moscow.

Find a place to rent

You have found several places for a coffee shop, added them to your Favorites by tapping on the star and gone to look at them in reality. Take photos and attach them to your favorite places, so as not to forget how these properties look inside and outside, and what is located in the neighborhood. Take some notes not to keep relevant things in mind. When you get home, compare all the viewed objects and choose a property based on individual preferences.

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User-friendly map

Find a franchise

If an entrepreneur wants to become a franchisee, he can choose a franchise in this app according to his criteria: cost, type of business, amount of investment, payback period, or minimum area. Franchises are approved by the Russian Franchise Association.


«The SME Business Navigator. Support measures app is a mobile directory with useful information for entrepreneurs. Must-have for those who are engaged in small business and first-time entrepreneurs.»

Eugene Denisov

Project manager, MobileUp



172 cities of 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation

The SME Business Navigator. Support measures app helps entrepreneurs from all over Russia to find information for business promptly. The calculation is available in the application for 172 cities of 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation at the moment of writing the case. The app is developing now. Stay with us and watch for updates.



Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • Art Director

    Philip Filchenko

  • Design

    Ilyas Gayfullin

  • CTO

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS-development

    Alexey Nemichenkov, Dmitriy Rozov

  • Android-development

    Vasiliy Chirvon, Denis Tkachenko, Konstantin Tshovrebov, Roman Prohorov

  • Testing

    Alexandra Kochetkova, Daria Kurkina

  • Documentation

    Denis Tkachenko, Polina Demidova


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