The official app of the international paying system


The MasterCard app allows you to fill in the account of mobile operator, make transfers from card to card, and purchase virtual cards.

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Project task

To become a successfull app, we had to make it more convenient and easier than most competitors apps. This would ensure a high retention rate, and a good indicator of return users.


We decided to focus on the needs of the most active users, who pay several mobile phone bills and make regular transfers. Designed interface, painted design and develop software of the app.

MasterCard app prototypes

First screen

As a result of many iterations of the design interface we’ve come to the following scheme: any payment is memorizing and displaying on the main screen in a compact form, so you can repeat it by one tap.

Mastercard UI

Card details

It is not necessary to enter the credit card details — they can be recognized by a video camera of your phone. After making the payment details are stored on a secure server of MasterCard, and you do not need to enter it again.
Less action — good user experience — more turnover of payments. Profit.

Card details

Virtual cards

In addition of making payments, and transfers the app allows you to purchase and store virtual cards for secure payments on the Internet. Details are masked so they can not be seen outside. At the same time they are available by one tap for the owner of the card, and they can be shared by email.

Virtual cards
Konstantin Abramov
MobileUp company has proved itself as a reliable partner, working efficiently and quickly. Particular attention is given to design interfaces. Guys was sparing no efforts and making improvements at all stages of the project.
In general, the company remembered by professionalism, constant pursuit of excellence, initiative and clearly assigned work.
Konstantin Abramov

Senior Business Development Manager, MasterCard

The project was completed in February 2014, but due to the change of the customer strategy it is not currently available on Google Play.

Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Denisov

  • CTO

    Eugene Valeev

  • Design

    Andrew Koritzev

  • Android-development

    Artem Zinnatulin

  • Testing

    Maxim Krotov

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