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  • Forbes 2018

    5-th place in the Top-30 rating of mobile apps by Forbes Kazakhstan


Quick access to over 400,000 products and services, post an ad in 1 minute, with an opportunity to bargain with other users. The Market app ( is the best option for those who want to sell or buy something with a maximum profit in Kazakhstan.


The United Company «Kolesa, Krisha, Market» is the leader in Kazakhstan in the sale of cars and real estate. The application, which we developed for, for the third year has been rated number one on the list of the best applications according to Also,, the largest real estate search engine in Kazakhstan, this year entered the Top-10 chart.

The time has come to expand, and the customer decided to enter the classifieds market for all goods and services. That’s how the project was born.

Интерфейс приложения «Маркет».

Project task

We had an ambitious task: to develop an application that will become the absolute leader among classifieds in Kazakhstan. It takes into account all product trends from the world’s best startups in this industry and surpasses competitors in all aspects: convenience, design and stability.


In order to get ahead of competitors, we introduced 5 unique product features in «Market», which allowed us to enter the list of TOP free applications two weeks after the launch.

Market UI

1. Bargaining between the saller and bayer

In the «Market» the focus is on the convenience of interaction between the buyer and the seller via chat. Therefore, the application has a new feature that allows you to offer your price. This speeds up the transaction and simplifies communication for those who do not like to bargain. Now it’s easier to agree on a favorable price!


2. Smart authorization

We know that not everyone likes to register and get authorized. Therefore, in the «Market», to put an ad or write to the seller, registration is not required. But if you want to always have access to all your correspondence, then the application will offer you a chance to save them in your profile during registration. You can register very quickly through social networks.

Sign up screen and chatrooms

3. Saving the search

Even if you use an advanced option when searching (for example, iPhone 6 not more than 60 000 tenge only with a photo), you can save this request in «Favorites» with all the criteria, even without authorization.

Favourites screen

4. Hints when submitting ads

How can you speed up the ad submission process by up to 1 minute? For this purpose, there are hints in the «Market.» If you just put in the name of the product, the application itself will offer suitable categories.

Ad creating screen

5. Displaying ads

Many classifieds have a trend — to present information in the form of cards with large images. It looks good on large screens, but it’s not always convenient on small ones, especially if you want to see many ads at once. Therefore, we did not limit users and left them a choice: a list or large cards.

Displaying ads. The list and large cards.

Success from the very beginning

Only two weeks after the release, the application climbed to first place in the TOP App Store in Kazakhstan. In two months, «Market» was installed by more than 300 thousand people. And the active audience in November reached 200,000 users.

We are certain that the same success as and, which for the third year are in the top lines in the app stores and ratings of Kazakhstan, is awaiting this project.

Market UI

Product Manager comments

Peter Tsarenko
«We are happy with the application. The main thing is that our users are satisfied. High stability and speed of loading make us happy».
Peter Tsarenko

Product Manager,


  • Forbes 2018

    5-th place in the Top-30 rating of mobile apps by Forbes Kazakhstan

Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugine Denisov

  • Art Director

    Philipp Filchenko

  • Design

    Arthur Tkhruni

  • iOS-development

    Vitaliy Zarubin

    Polina Demidova

  • Testing

    Varvara Mironova


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