Yuriy Vozleev

POS system

HoReCa automation in Canada

Already in 2012, we helped a Canadian coffee shop deal with a large number of visitors and developed a user-friendly system. Nowadays that system has grown into a project for automated management of a restaurant business.

Our team is still working on this project. There is a workable, large and interesting system and we want you to read about it below.


In 2012, we got a task to develop an all-in-one system that would capture the market of Canada by 2022 and help hundreds of owners monitor their business daily.


We have developed a POS system to automate the main processes in a location. It helps manage connection among pos, kitchen, and waiters, accept payments, manage menu items and monitor statistics on the location in real time.

The POS system — is a tool to process and record transactions between a client and a restaurant.

It can record sales, process credit/debit cards, manage inventory and employees.



The POS system is a very unusual project in terms of testing.


The guy in the picture is Ilya, our QA Lead. We caught him red-handed at work when he surrounded himself with iPads and tested the system.

This is one of the most uncommon projects in my experience, primarily because of the test environment. There are various payment terminals, printing real cashier’s receipts, and the MEV sales registration module as a cherry on top. Indeed, MEV couldn’t be found anywhere else in Russia. Well, in a word, this is exciting.

Ilya Zelenskii, QA Lead of MobileUp
Ilya Zelenskii

Continue to work

We have made the system that manages a location quickly, simply, and efficiently, as well as automates the business and we continue to upgrade it.

The only thing we want to make is a redesign, which we will agree with the client when the time comes. This is the only closure we need to get. Well, we are going to do good to the project any longer!

  • 10 years of work
  • 3 iPad apps
  • 600+ locations
  • love for the project

Project team

  • Testing
    • Ilya Zelenskii
    • Irina Moiseenko
  • Development
    • Yuriy Vozleev
    • Pavel Petrovich
    • Ilya Batuev
    • Max Bezdenezhnyh
  • CTO
    • Evgenii Valeev
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