Mobile POS-system

The best solution for automatization of service in the cafe


Mobile POS-system for cafes, bars and restaurants speeds up the service, makes the work process easier and provides clear statistics for the business owners. Tens of new cafes are involved in the process every week.


It was 2012 when we helped one of the top Canadian cafes Myriade to cope with a big wave of clients by developing a convenient system of automatization. Later we went further and worked with more than one café.

Main screen


The owners faced the difficulties every day:

— The popularity of the café led to the queues and the loss of clients, the key issue was the service at the cash desk.
— The cashier gave the orders «on the sheets of paper» or with his voice which influenced the speed of the work and created a mess.
— There were some mistakes in the orders.
— It was difficult to analyze the business efficiency because of the «manual» statistics collection of the profit and popular items.

The customer tried many mobile POS-systems (including popular Square ant its rivals) but none of them met the demands of the café for the service rate.


We developed a complex system that meets all demands of the fast service.

The multifunctional app gives an opportunity to receive orders, organize the cooperation between the cashier desk, the kitchen and the waiters, receive the payments by credit cards, print the receipts, distribute the orders by the tables, control the menu positions and the prices, send the fiscal balance sheets to the tax agency and see all statistics in the real time.

3 interfacing apps and the control panel

Master iPad

Master iPad — to receive the orders at the cashier desk.

  • Receives the actual menu from the server.
  • Receives the payments from the credit cards.
  • Allows saving the data on the fiscal data recorder and printing the receipts.
  • Makes the lists of orders.
  • Immediately sends the orders to Kitchen iPad by LAN.
  • Distributes the orders by the tables.
  • The Multimaster function allows placing the orders to different kitchens depending on the type of food.
  • Divides the orders` components into «here» and «takeaway».
  • Receives direct online-orders from internet users, sends them to the kitchen and prints the receipts with delivery address.

* Now it is possible to print the receipts for the payments of the banquet service.

Master iPad screen
Kitchen iPad screen

Kitchen iPad

Kitchen iPad — to process the orders in the kitchen.

  • Makes the convenient lists of dishes for every order in the form of to-do lists.
  • Allows editing, transposing and opening the orders.
  • Allows printing the lists of the dishes.
  • Informs about new orders.
  • Allows deleting the dishes that are ready just with a simple swipe.
  • The information about finished orders automatically updates in all apps of the system.

Rover iPad

Rover iPad — to receive the orders in the queue.

  • Helps to reduce the queues and quickens the work.
  • Receives the actual menu from the server.
  • Quickly forms the orders and calculates the price.
  • The finished orders are paid at the cashier desk.
  • Divides the orders into «here» and «take away».
  • Distributes the orders by the tables.
Rover iPad screen

Control panel for the business owner

All information is sent to the Cloud and is available on the administrative control panel. With its help the owner can:

  • Easily update the menu and options.
  • Control the orders that are sent to the kitchen.
  • Impose the fines, fees and taxes.
  • Look through and export the sales reports.
  • Monitor the sales in the real-time mode.
  • Analyze the sales by days (months) as well as see the average bill.
  • See Top-10 positions of the menu.
  • Set the reports yourself.
  • Analyze the orders processing speed.
  • See the number of failed attempts.
  • Specify the orders for each day.

The fastest work process, capacity and efficiency!


The app meets all necessary demands of working process in the café: a quick delivery of the order to the kitchen and back, printing of the receipts and online fiscal data recorder that sends the information to the tax agency (MEV) immediately.

Several cashiers and kitchen IPads makes it possible to receive a great number of visitors. The problem of queues is solved with the help of Rover iPad app which focuses on the fast service.

Easy to deal with

Due to the convenient interface the workers master the system quickly and do not waste their time on learning.

Application UI

Reliable operation in any conditions

The system operates even if there is no internet connection. If one of the devices switches off, all other are informed about this fact. Anyway the orders cannot be lost neither for statistics and fulfilment nor for the fiscal data recorder.
The structure of the app carries the load of hundreds of orders a day and does not overload the memory of mobile devices. The app functions non-stop during a working day.

Web app screen

Detailed statistics

The business owner has an access to the current menu, orders, real time sales statistics or the one for any period of time. There is always a possibility to control the working process and analyze the efficiency.

Project team

  • Project manager

    Eugene Valeev

  • Architecture

    Eugene Valeev

  • iOS-development

    Vitaliy Zarubin

    Ilya Filinovich

    Sergey Armodin

  • Testing

    Olesja Podus

    Maxim Kisilevich

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