iOS software development

Before we start to write code, we thoroughly analyze the UX/UI design, make a high-level selection of common system components to reuse them in different sections of an app. Then we lay the app skeleton using these common components implementation and build the project together brick by brick.

MobileUp’s tasks to solve

  1. Code audit

    We analyze the code, identify problems, provide a general code assessment and recommendations for its improvement.

  2. Code refactoring

    We conduct code audits, identify and analyze problems, make a refactoring plan and prioritize tasks. Then the refactoring takes place and requires close interaction of the development, testing, analytics, and design teams jointly.

  3. Writing apps from scratch

    We create a new product or rewrite an already existing one from scratch. Our specialists keep to the MVP model — we release the first version as soon as possible to get feedback from users at the earliest moment and improve the product.

  4. Project support

    If the project already exists, we take it to support and improve.

This is the app’s structure in the picture. We look through layer by layer so as not to miss a thing. It’s the law of Xcode.


The following technologies are used in the development:

  • Development languages

    We write code in Swift, but all developers know Objective-C as an origin.

  • Repository

    Gitlab, CI / CD

  • Dependencies


  • UI

    UIKit, SwiftUI

  • Networking

    Alamofire, Codable, Combine

  • Database

    Realm, CoreData

  • Coding standards


  • Architecture


Our park of mobile devices includes more than 60 devices: iPhones, Android devices, and tablets. We also have unusual ones. For example, Canadian project is tested with real receipt printers and these POS terminals.

Our developers are so skilled to create their own technology products.

  • Cicerone

    The unique architectural decision for the project

  • Mutal

    QA automation tool

  • RxPM

    reactive implementation of Presentation Model pattern


  • Development of mobile banking for Tele2 subscribers

    This is a large project with a microservice architecture. Special attention has been given to debugging because everything related to money and the personal data of users need supplementary protection. Hence it appears the need for extra testing according to the list of test cases, deployment documentation, and quick response in case of a problem.

  • 14 apps of the DMV Genie group have been developed

    This is one of our biggest projects — the DMV Genie group includes 14 applications and all of them are supported and updated by our team. The unified component system and codebase allow the app to grab new segments and countries quickly.

    DMV Genie
  • Recovery of RBC Investment UI

    The app’s UI is unique. It was especially interesting to develop it. Almost all navigation takes place by swiping. To do this, we have made seamless animations and transitions. There are many custom elements and various graphics in the app.

    RBC Investment
  • Creation and development of Canadian POS system

    We have developed a POS system that communicates with printers, card readers, and strongboxes. The architecture of the app easily keeps the load of hundreds of orders per day and does not overload the mobile device memory.

  • Pack Sber Knowledge base into a single app

    We have collected 6,000 pieces of content and put them into one mobile app. There are books, music, videos from Sberbank corporate library Inside.

    Virtual school of Sberbank


  • Logo Tele2
    Illarion YalovenkoHead of Financial Services, Tele2
    MobileUp has been scrupulous about the product implementation and closed the issues of development, design, and testing of the mobile app. I especially appreciate the manager work who has coordinated all participants of the project. MobileUp has shown itself to be a reliable partner worthy of a challenging task.
  • Logo Mastercard
    Konstantin AbramovSenior Business Development Manager, Mastercard
    The MobileUp team has shown itself to be a reliable partner who works competently and fast. Guys devote a lot of time to the UI design and spare no effort to make improvements at all stages of development there.
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