Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

Flutter is a UI software development kit created by Google. This is the only cross-platform technology we work with.


Cross-platform development

Why Flutter?

Mostly, we believe in native mobile development, but sometimes it’s much easier to write using Flutter, and here’s why:

  • Cutting development time thanks to a unified codebase

  • High application performance (almost like native ones)

  • Configuring an interface of any complexity

  • Individual rendering engine

  • Opportunity to move beyond mobile devices

  • Simple implementation of platform‑specific logic



MobileUp’s tasks to solve

  • Code audit

    We provide a general code assessment, find its strengths and weaknesses and see if we can use the codebase in the future.

    The goal is to see how hard it can be to work with the code in the future.

  • Code refactoring

    We conduct code audits, make a refactoring plan and prioritize tasks. Then the refactoring takes place and requires close interaction of the testing, analytics, and design teams jointly.

    The goal is to reduce the technical debt of the project, improve the quality of the code and make the project’s further support easier.

  • Writing apps from scratch

    We create a new product or rewrite an already existing one from scratch if the situation so requires.

    The goal is to create a high-quality product that will be easy to develop and support in the future.

  • Project support

    We take finished products to maintain and improve.

    The goal is to implement new functionality and develop a project.


The team works in the same cozy office in St Petersburg


The future of the technology

IT market players believe in Flutter

Many experienced IT teams believe in Flutter. If cross-platform development comes forward, it will be most likely thanks to Flutter. So, we have a finger on the pulse and our team is open to working with this framework.

Following the link below, you can read about how Meduza also believed in Flutter and rewrote the native application into the Dart language.

Read the post on Habr



Cryptocurrency exchange


We made a cross-platform application for a well-known exchange. Design and development of the application for a big player in the Russian market were provided by our team. We thought over and implemented the complex logic of the service. There are many graphs and candlestick charts inside.

Today we have published one single project built with Flutter, but we are actively working on this. There will be many links here soon. At this stage you can enjoy our native applications — there are about 250 of them now.

250 native apps developed by MobileUp



  • MobileUp team has always demonstrated remarkable competence in mobile technologies and offered good mobile solutions.

    Vladimir MerkushevKolesa Group: kolesa.kz, krisha.kz, market.kz
  • MobileUp has covered all our questions on mobile app development.

    Julia VorontsovaEverpoint
  • A combo of experience
    and communication made this team the perfect one to work with.

    Roman SokolovCarporate


We are always glad to cooperate and work on new projects

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