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Elegant E-learning group

Elegant E-learning group applications form a big ecosystem that we have been developing for 8 years. During this time, we have created and supported 14 applications in the EduTech industry. For example, there are apps developed for getting driver’s license, nursing and law training

We have already obtained hearts of users located in two continents and now we are going to start a world-wide heart expansion.

DMV Test Genie

Preparing for your driving test

  • 6 000 000
  • 170 000
  • 4,8

We’ve been developing the DMV Test Genie app since 2015 to help millions of Americans get their driver’s licenses and pass the tests successfully. It was our first one.

The app was perfectly well and this fact was confirmed by 6 million downloads, 170 thousand reviews and an average rating of 4.8 in the AppStore in 2020. The only thing missing was a modern design with the spirit of the times and new subscription page with a high conversion.

Last case


  • Design
  • UI/UX
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • iOS
  • Android

DMV has been established as the best app in its category for 4 years. Although, many similar services, imitators and competitors who copied its previous design have appeared during this time.

Therefore, the time has come to update our service to take several steps forward at once and break away from pursuers (not only in numbers).

We rebuilt the design system, completely updated the product’s style and created a new standard in the field and educational applications.

The design was not in keeping with the spirit of the times, the screen was overloaded and it was hard to understand the interface. So it was hard to tell the difference between our app and dozens of other applications.

The interface became more open. We highlighted the clear key points and made this app the most user-friendly and stylish in the field as it was before.

Global redesign

We have reconsidered the interface, made it more intuitive, worked on the use of space on the screens, introduced new functions and added live elements to the application.

System of components

We also have worked with the internals of the application: re-choosing of the components library, doing complex engineering work with animation and smooth transitions.


The central goal of the application is to tell the user about his level of passing probability.

Now the user’s current level is immediately demonstrated on the first screen — we visually display information about passing the test in the form of a gradient animation there.


Attention to detail is a part of the Elegant E-learning system approach. We also have taken this point and our team does everything to ensure that the application is a cut above the rest of the competition in all respects.

Consider, for example, the animation.If it is good and invisible in the application, it is really impressive. Look at the screen tips — they are too amazing to be skipped.

A / B testing

According to the results of A / B testing, the conversion of the updated interface became on average 40% higher than it was before.

As soon as we got the proof of its effectiveness, we implemented a new subscription page for all users.

Unified code base

We reuse the codebase and components, that’s why we launch new products in double-quick time.

This approach allowed us to launch two new applications for the customer in two months during the pandemic. These apps are to prepare for the nursing and nursing assistant exams.

Today there are 14 apps of the Elegant E-learning group in development.

Facts and figures

Our team has updated the entire UI of the application in the minimalist style of iOS 13, rebuilt the design system in Figma and added a dark version in the latest release.

The new interface has become larger, cleaner and more open.New features are neatly built into it, but all the UX scenarios are still the same.

  • 4,8

    The average rating of the app in AppStore

  • 36

    th place in the Education section of the AppStore

  • 100 000

    New users monthly

  • 20 000

    Active ones daily

NCLEX-RN Test Genie

Prepare to nursing exams

  • 7 000
  • 4,7

NCLEX-RN is the uniform exam standard for testing and licensing nurses, adopted in three countries: the United States, Canada and Australia.

In a few weeks, we have designed and developed a completely new application with an exam simulator as close as possible to the real one.

If you take this test, you can work as a nurse in countries where NCLEX standard is supported.

NCLEX-RN Test Genie
CNA Test Genie

Prepare to nursing assistant exams

  • 10 000
  • 4,8
CNA Test Genie

Unified system of components and code base allow us to engage new segments and countries very quickly.

Project team

  • Project head manager
    • Alexandra Gavrilieva
  • Architect
    • Evgenii Valeev
  • iOS-development
    • Maxim Aliev
    • Ilia Biltuev
  • Android-development
    • Arthur Artikov
    • Alexandr Rovnov
    • Pavel Alexandrov
  • Testing
    • Artem Samoshin
    • Daria Kurkina
    • Irina Moiseenko
    • Julia Boyko
  • UI/ UX design
    • Ioann Chaikovskii
    • Alexander Yudin
    • Anna Matveeva
  • Analyst
    • Tim Mostivenko
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