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In 2020 we launched our own full-featured startup incubator and every employee of the company can turn his/her ideas into reality there.

CoinRoad became a pilot project. It is a service for crypto enthusiasts that helps to monitor the rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, ADA as well as other cryptocurrencies in real time by means of dynamic push notifications.


We already had the experience of launching our own products, but then we wanted it to become a real separate area. We had a task not only to learn how to make startups within the team in a quick and qualitative way, but also to make a real process of it. Besides, we also wanted to check how good we can be at it.

Finally, we got a cool idea that had been ripening in the good head of our developer for a long time, and decided to try to launch a full-fledged service that would close the hole in the hearts of crypto enthusiasts in a month.

“Every morning when I wake up I check the notification shade then and there. So I’m thinking, ’Why don’t I make it so that I could get detailed information about the bidding process on a crypto exchange by means of these notifications? And that began the idea of CoinRoad, an app with no need to be constantly opened.”
Vitalii Zharikov
Vitalii Zharikov,Android‑developer of MobileUp, CoinRoad’s author and its creator.

Brand identity and design 

The Art director of MobileUp Alexander Yudin came up with and designed a stylish logo for CoinRoad and enhanced the romantic name of the app by the symbol.

“In the logo there are some references to the highway spiral, because it is as unpredictable as the cryptomarket. But what we really wanted was a simple and balanced sign that would work well on the icon and make use of the capital letters’ potential. So, all references are random and sometimes a logo is just a logo.”
Alexander Yudin
Alexander Yudin,Art director of MobileUp

Design creation took a little more effort, because we decided to start with push notifications, that were the most troubled thing. It was a real challenge because of a lot of information and very little space: we started to build a system with pushes, adjusting the common style to them.

At the same time, the application is quite user-friendly from the point of view of structure and business logic. However, there is a place for interesting solutions: quick transitions to third-party applications, the process of creating a push and many useful settings.


Background operation

All push notifications added by users are updated quietly at one-minute intervals, without attracting too much attention.They draw attention to themselves with a sound signal only in case of adding or removing a push from the application.

Integration with exchanges

You can find more than 1000 types of currencies there. Information comes from Hitbtc and Kraken exchanges. This list will be expanded in the upcoming content patches and include Binance, Bitmex, Bitstamp, Kucoin, Poloniex. It will help to cover the basic requirements of trade experts and make monitoring easy and more useful than ever before.

Custom push notifications

You need to select and configure the desired graphs once in CoinRoad, and then dynamic push notifications work at all other times. They are constantly updated in the background even if the app is closed and the screen is locked.

Everything is as simple and user-friendly as possible — information appears on the locked screen or in the notification shade. So far, this mechanic has not been used to display information from the exchanges, although the technology is 100% justified in this case.

“It is so hard to understand what the crypt is and get right into the nuts and bolts of it. That’s why CoinRoad is a real challenge and a step forward for me.This is a project that I believe in. This is something new that has not already been on the market. And of course, I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to work on it.”
Anna Nachovnova
Anna Nachovnova,Project manager of CoinRoad

Future plans

We want to acquaint people with the world of cryptocurrencies, and lower the threshold for entering this field to make it as low as possible. We have an intention to show everyone that it is a convenient, useful thing with good prospects.

While you are reading this case, we are probably working on another interesting project. If you have ideas or suggestions for cooperation, just write to us. We are open to business adventures in any possible direction.

Project team

  • Project manager
    • Anna Nachovnova
    • Sergey Denisyuk
  • Testing/QA
    • Irina Moiseenko
    • Julia Boyko
  • Marketing
    • Alisa Mashkova
  • Content
    • Kirill Malyshev
  • Android-development
    • Vitalii Zharikov
    • Arthur Artikov
    • Pavel Alexandrov
  • UX/UI
    • Alexander Yudin
    • Timur Repin
    • Artem Tyutin
  • Analyst
    • Tim Mostivenko
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