Secure wallet for cryptobank

Chatex’s mission is to give millions of people an easy and secure way to safely operate with cryptocurrencies.

We made an easy‑to‑use crypto wallet for receiving, storing and transferring cryptocurrency together with Chatex to get closer to this goal.


Initially the telegram chatbot was the only one Chatex’s interaction channel with 315 000 users. It is important to launch new channels of interaction with the product to grow more.

A survey of users indicated that an Android app could become this channel.

The launch of the mobile wallet has increased confidence in the brand and has become the product that provides many more options for users to access the Chatex service. MobileUp got the opportunity to develop the application.

Make money transfers
Invest in cryptocurrencies
Your money is protected

A bright onboarding is the first thing that app’s users see.


The main advantage of this chatbot is its simplicity and accessibility. These features are highly appreciated by Chatex’s users. We needed to make as user-friendly and elegant application as the bot. Our team decided to start with Android, a more popular platform among the app’s users.


We thought it would be great to transfer the user experience of the chatbot to a mobile screen and make registration in the form of a chat. However, our team quickly rejected this idea — it is difficult to roll back within the dialogue if the user wants to change something.

We realized that it is better to do traditional registration forms on screen and not to confuse the user.

An important part of the design process is analytics. We have masterfully set up the collection of events and completely covered all user scenarios.

Let’s do a chat form registration? As in Telegram?

Good idea! Users will feel comfortable.

But what if any user wants to change the data in the previous step? And what if he changes his mind in the middle of the road or makes a mistake and clicks the wrong button?

Well, it isn’t such a great idea

The Wallet and modular elements

We planned to release the product with basic functionality, and decided to add such new functions as modules sequentially.

We established that there would be just a good wallet in the first release, and we would add the rest in the next series.

The Wallet has the following features:

  • Authorization and registration
  • Receiving and sending cryptocurrency
  • View transaction history
  • Technical support module

As a result, the design has appeared to be simple and laconic — we did exactly what the customer (our client) wanted.

The application has preserved a simple and intuitive interface, for which users love Chatex. It allows you to manage the chat-bot’s basic operations: receiving, sending and safe storage of cryptocurrencies. User’s access to financial transactions with cryptocurrencies has become easier, safer and more convenient thanks to the new product. All this is Chatex App Android.
Roman Mironichev
Roman Mironichev,Head of projects, Deputy COO Chatex


  • 6

    months to finish the app’s design and its development

  • >400

    issues with successful resolution

  • >99,8%

    crash‑free rate

  • >100

    design layouts

  • Transfer funds using nothing more than a phone number

    Transfer funds using nothing more than a phone number

    You can send cryptocurrency directly from the “Contacts” section on your smartphone, we have added a special blue button to the address book.

  • Two‑factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication

    The double protection is provided to our users. The first one is a PIN code, generated during registration and the second one is a fingerprint to log in the app.

  • QR‑codes generation

    QR-codes generation

    Codes are automatically generated by wallets generated by Chatex. You can use them to send money.

  • Zendesk integration

    Zendesk integration

    Zendesk is a built‑in solution for client support. We have embedded it in the app.

Interesting. Technological. Reliable.

Those exact words are to describe the Chatex project.

This is not an easy project in terms of technology. You’ve got a reliable and useful product in the end, solving all riddles, putting all ideas into action and navigating between all traps and pitfalls.

Nadya Abasheva
Nadya Abasheva,Head of the project


The QA‑department of MobileUp consists of high performers. Chatex has been rigorously tested by our QA‑engineers many times before its release. We did functional, exploratory, regression testing, smoke tests and testing of localization, UI and compatibility with the Telegram bot.

After the release Chatex announced the start of its Bounty program.

We offered all 315,000 platform users to search for bugs and get a cash prize. Reward depended on the threat level. We were a little worried, because so many testers per platform is not a joke. As a result, we found only 16 low-priority bugs, neither of which was critical.

Crash‑free rate of the app is 99,8. It means that less than 1% of users have experienced crashes using the app. This figure is among the best in its category.

Firstly, we always address the nuances of each application, then we apply our traditional testing approach and voila, we have the perfect product. Before starting work, we looked at the layouts and terms of reference, asked questions, got answers and started to write tests simultaneously with the development.The usual, but the difference is only the app’s nuances, its core audience and integrations.
Irina Moiseenko
Irina Moiseenko,QA-engineer MobileUp


In 6 months we have done the main thing — to launch a well-functioning product. Now users can interact with both the chatbot and the mobile application that serves the role of a wallet. The new decision allows us to store, receive and send cryptocurrency around the world, and we are going to work on the project’s development.

For us, Chatex is one of the recent key projects, because the fintech market is our priority today.We are fully assured that the cryptocurrency market will grow and develop, and such projects as Chatex will facilitate this process and make the work with cryptocurrency easier and more accessible.
Aleksandr Maslov
Aleksandr Maslov,COO MobileUp

Project team

  • Project manager
    • Anna Nachovnova
    • Nikita Eremenko
    • Nadya Abasheva
  • Development
    • Vitalii Zharikov
    • Pavel Alexandrov
    • Egor Belov
    • Semion Varivoda
  • CTO
    • Evgenii Valeev
  • Testing / QA
    • Irina Moiseenko
  • Producer
    • Dmitry Vanin
  • UX/UI
    • Alexander Yudin
    • Artem Tyutin
    • Timur Repin
  • Analyst
    • Tim Mostivenko
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