Android app development

Android app development

Android app development on a turn-key basis is a top-of-the-line service provided by MobileUp in St Petersburg and Moscow.



MobileUp’s tasks to solve

  • Code audit

    We analyze the code, identify problems, and provide a general code assessment and recommendations for its improvement.

    The goal is to assess the quality of the code and understand the level of project support complexity.

  • Code refactoring

    We conduct code audits, identify and analyze problems, make a refactoring plan and prioritize tasks. Then the refactoring takes place and requires close interaction of the development, testing, analytics, and design teams jointly.

    The goal is to improve the code quality, reduce the project’s technical debt, enhance developer loyalty, make the project’s further support easier and reduce the time for adding new functions.

  • Writing apps from scratch

    We create a new product or rewrite an already existing one from scratch. Our specialists keep to the MVP model — we release the first version as soon as possible to get feedback from users at the earliest moment and improve the product.

    The goal is to create a high-quality product that will be easy to support in the future. It is necessary to release the first version to the market as soon as possible to get feedback and make the app even better.

  • Project support

    If the project already exists, we take it to maintain and improve.

    The goal is to implement the new functionality rapidly and support the previous one.


All developers are located in one office in St. Petersburg. It’s easier to sync when your team is at hand



Our products

The MobileUp team creates new tools and libraries. The most famous one is Cicerone, which was created by a MobileUp employee. We’re working on Replica, a new one, right now.

  • Coroutines and Flow

    The set of Architecture Components

  • RxPM

    The reactive implementation of the Presentation Model pattern

  • Cicerone

    The unique architectural solution for the project



Modern stack

The MobileUp team uses up-to-date languages and tools. We monitor the market to get the best practices.

  • Tools

    Android Architecture Components, Jetpack Compose, Huawei Mobile Services, Room, Koin, Hyperion, Сoroutines

  • Architecture

    Clean Architecture MVVM

  • Development languages

    Kotlin, Java

  • Hyperion

    We use Hyperion to test apps. This is a debugging tool to peek under the app’s hood and speed up manual testing



The third store

Our Android developers have extensive experience in adapting apps for Huawei AppGallery. A whole scope of articles on Medium has been dedicated to this subject. Unfortunately, we cannot say which applications have been adapted for the new store because we respect the NDA. However, you can understand what we did after reading the articles below.

Read more:


MobileUp is a team of Google Certified Developers. So that is why we have such a beautiful award



Confidential neobank


The service allows users to store, receive and send cryptocurrency worldwide. Insider Tips: QR codes are automatically generated and Zendesk integration is provided. You can send cryptocurrency directly from the «Contacts» section on your smartphone.


DMV Genie


We have been helping millions of Americans get their driver’s licenses and pass the tests successfully since 2016. Today DMV Genie group includes 14 applications in the EduTech industry. We reuse the codebase and components to launch new products in double-quick time. This approach allowed us to launch two new applications for the customer in two months during the pandemic.




This is the service for crypto enthusiasts to track the exchange rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, ADA, and other cryptocurrenсies in real time using dynamic pushes. There are more than 1000 types of currencies inside. The information is taken from some popular exchanges.


The “Pomosch” project


We joined the project team and helped make the Android Great Again app. We have done a thorough job of map optimization, added a «Notification Center» section, and improved the ward’s profile.


Tele2 Payment


Now you can pay for any goods and such services as the Internet at home, utility bills, and purchases in online stores using the app. We coordinated a group of six participants. The group included two banks with complex internal systems and processes as well. Plenty of integrations with third-party services, complex infrastructure, and a lot of test documentation for project contributors have been provided there.



We produced the solution that made it possible to separate all logic from the interface. Now you just need to refer to the logic, and not rewrite parts of it to add a new screen. A ready-made solution packed into a library (read about it on Habr).


Sberbank Virtual School


We have collected 6,000 pieces of content and put them into one mobile app. There are books, music, and videos from Sberbank corporate library inside. We help to raise top managers. As a process issue, we preferred the Folio library. It actually looked like the most stable one and required almost no improvements. This sped up the process of app creation.



  • Превью видео отзыва
    Nikita KukushkinThe “Pomosch”
  • The MobileUp team not only has completed the tasks to add new features to the application but also achieved a substantial improvement in usability

    Sergey StorozhevChannel One Russia
  • The MobileUp team is a reliable partner who works competently and fast

    Konstantin AbramovMastercard


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