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About Us

We’ve developed business applications in collaboration with our clients for 10 years. Our team takes on complex projects: ones with shrewd business logic, high workload and hardware integration. Our portfolio includes more than 200 applications for tickets purchase, educational projects and fintech. We particularly love fintech and make projects for MasterCard, Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, Sovcombank, Platio, Tele2.

We work to be proud of the project’s sales growth, audience involvement, launch of new products and services together with the client. And we also worry about the project as if it was our own one, to let the client not to worry at all.

Some clients
  • Mastercard logo
  • Sberbank logo
  • Tinkoff logo
  • Tele2 logo
  • Platio logo
  • Sovcombank logo

How do we help to business

  • Launch MVP and accomplish the business task

    DMV application icon

    400 thousand of DMV users pass driving exam thanks to our app monthly.

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  • Beat competitors and break new ground application icon

    Our project for has been awarded as #1 app in Kazakhstan according to "Forbes" estimation for the third time.

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  • Develop a complex solution with shrewd business logic, high workload and integrations

    Koomi application icon

    We has developed Koomi — a mobile Pos system, that helps to accept credit card payments, get sales slips, distribute orders, send a fiscal report to the tax agency and see a real-time statistics.

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  • Improve business metrics of the application

    Yami Yami application icon

    We have helped Yami Yami to increase the quantity of food orders by 13%

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  • Create code that is easy to maintain for 5-7 years application icon

    We supposed’s developers would need a mounth to deal with code. The client’s team did this in two days and thanked us for the excellent work.

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  • Build strong team for long-standing work on the product

    First Channel application icon

    600,000 users watch TV programs in the app we made for the audience of the First Channel every month.

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We seek to be both proud of our solutions and work products together with the client.

Sergey Denisyuk, CEO

Sergey Denisyuk

Customers feedback

  • Evgeniy Lubaev

    Product Owner

    «In my opinion, they’re one of the best teams around, consisting of strong UI designers and software developers.»

  • Sergey Storozhev

    «The MobileAp team has not just fulfilled its expected accomplishments to add new features to the application, but also achieved a substantial improvement in usability. Besides, developers have been able to maintain the style of Channel One Russia apps for different platforms. It’s not easy, especially if you need to take into account all style guides requirements.»

  • Sergey Storozhev

    CIO of Internet Broadcasting Department of Channel One Russia

    «The MobileAp team has not just fulfilled its expected accomplishments to add new features to the application, but also achieved a substantial improvement in usability. Besides, developers have been able to maintain the style of Channel One Russia apps for different platFforms. It’s not easy, especially if you need to take into account all style guides requirements.»

  • Tima Sergeev

    «Everything was done on time and on budget. It was a pleasant experience to communicate with them.»

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  • Vladimir Merkushev

    «MobileUp employees have consistently demonstrated high level of competence in mobile technology by offering smart mobile solutions.»

  • Peter Konushenko

    «Employees of the company not only met all our project requirements and wishes quickly and efficiently, but also offered a number of decisions, which were subsequently adopted by the company’s management and highly appreciated by our users.»

  • Yulia Vorontsova

    «MobileUp advised us on mobile app development and offered solutions to complex queries.»

  • Roman Sokolov

    «The price would be much higher to get this product quality in other countries.»

  • Andrew Safranov

    «MobileUp was a good technical partner, and they really improved our business.»

  • Nikita Trunov

    «They gave us a lot of good technical advice for our project.»

  • Vasily Klimko

    «MobileUp has been a step ahead.»

  • Andrey Artemenko

    СЕО MusicNow

    «Moreover, the application has the highest rating in our category among competitors.»

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We provide long term support for 5-7 years

We are not just developers, but a team of experts. Designers learn the audience, research niche and create interfaces that solve business tasks. Developers release applications 20% faster than competitors because of their own framework — Frame.

Testers are involved in the process at the first build stage and control the quality until the release. Project managers monitor the development so that the client does not have to control it. We provide long term support even after the end of cooperation — 5-7 years. MobileUp’s code is easy to maintain, add new functions, adapt to new technologies: iOS versions, languages, form factors.

Working group

Project team consists of
12-15 members

  • Project manager

  • iOS-developer

  • iOS-developer

  • iOS-developer

  • Analyst

  • Android-developer

  • Android-developer

  • Android-developer

  • Art director

  • QA

  • QA

  • QA

  • UI/UX designer

  • Backend-developer

  • Backend-developer

  • CTO

Senior developers in the team


  • Evgenii Valeev Evgenii Valeev

    Evgenii Valeev


  • Nikita Eremenko Nikita Eremenko

    Nikita Eremenko

    Business development manager

  • Aleksandr Maslov Aleksandr Maslov

    Aleksandr Maslov


  • Irina Moiseenko Irina Moiseenko

    Irina Moiseenko


  • Ilya Zelenskii Ilya Zelenskii

    Ilya Zelenskii


  • Daria Kurkina Daria Kurkina

    Daria Kurkina


  • Egor Belov Egor Belov

    Egor Belov


  • Emiliya Bikmetova Emiliya Bikmetova

    Emiliya Bikmetova

    UI/UX designer

  • Nikolai Timonin Nikolai Timonin

    Nikolai Timonin

    iOS TechLead

  • Pavel Petrovich Pavel Petrovich

    Pavel Petrovich

    iOS TeamLead

  • Denis Sushkov Denis Sushkov

    Denis Sushkov


  • Maksim Aliev Maksim Aliev

    Maksim Aliev


  • Yuriy Vozleev Yuriy Vozleev

    Yuriy Vozleev


  • Dmitrii Zakharov Dmitrii Zakharov

    Dmitrii Zakharov


  • Vladislav Grohotov Vladislav Grohotov

    Vladislav Grohotov


  • Andrey Komarov Andrey Komarov

    Andrey Komarov


  • Vitalii Zharikov Vitalii Zharikov

    Vitalii Zharikov


  • Karina Ivanova Karina Ivanova

    Karina Ivanova

    Office manager

  • Alisa Mashkova Alisa Mashkova

    Alisa Mashkova

    Director of marketing

  • Platon Kultin Platon Kultin

    Platon Kultin

    Project manager

  • Irina Kazban Irina Kazban

    Irina Kazban

    Head of affiliate program

  • Julia Boyko Julia Boyko

    Julia Boyko


  • Arthur Artikov Arthur Artikov

    Arthur Artikov

    Android TechLead и TeamLead

  • Julia Kirgintseva Julia Kirgintseva

    Julia Kirgintseva


  • Ariuna Ivanova Ariuna Ivanova

    Ariuna Ivanova


  • Ildar Aiupov Ildar Aiupov

    Ildar Aiupov

    Project manager

  • Nadezhda Abasheva Nadezhda Abasheva

    Nadezhda Abasheva

    Project manager

  • Elena Krylova Elena Krylova

    Elena Krylova

    Financial manager

  • Tim Mostivenko Tim Mostivenko

    Tim Mostivenko


  • Alexander Yudin Alexander Yudin

    Alexander Yudin

    Art director

  • Pavel Alexandrov Pavel Alexandrov

    Pavel Alexandrov


  • Ivan Andreev Ivan Andreev

    Ivan Andreev

    UI/UX designer

  • Evgenii Svavilnov Evgenii Svavilnov

    Evgenii Svavilnov

    UI/UX designer

  • Dmitry Vanin Dmitry Vanin

    Dmitry Vanin


  • Polina Molchanova Polina Molchanova

    Polina Molchanova


Achievements and awards

  • Google Certified Agency 2018 (Google developers)

    There are 50 certified companies in a world, only 6 of them are in Russia.

  • GDRR Certified

    Our company is the only one in Russia that has personal data protection certificates

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